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You may have the best intentions to manage your business’s social media presence on your own, but to do it well requires time, commitment, attention to detail, consistency, writing skills, responsiveness, comfort with technology and adaptability (because social media is always changing).

KickCharge Creative’s digital marketing experts can help. We have a team devoted to ensuring our clients take advantage of social media’s countless opportunities to showcase their brand, grow their online visibility and communicate with customers. Here’s an introduction to the social media services we offer.

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Sharpen Your Social Image

The first step when optimizing your company’s identity on social media is establishing a presence on the right platforms. You don’t need an account on every social media channel, especially the ones that don’t make sense for your business. It will be too time-consuming and expensive to manage all of them, and some may yield little or no return on your investment. We can recommend the best platforms on which to focus, based on your goals and the demographics of social media users in your market.

Each platform has areas to customize to convey your brand and your company information. By following best practices for each element of your social media profile, you can maximize the impact. We can design your cover image and profile photo and write your company description and list of service offerings to ensure you make a strong impression online.

Create Relevant, High-Quality Content

A dormant social media account implies an inoperative business. Savvy surfers who are shopping around notice how recently and how often a company posts, so publishing quality content at regular intervals is crucial to maintaining a reputation of being engaged and responsive.

You don’t necessarily need to post daily, but we suggest publishing something new at least once a week—ideally a few times a week or every weekday—to demonstrate that you’re paying attention and in operation. Each update that followers see in their news feeds keeps your brand top-of-mind. Your customers might not need your products or services today, but by putting your name and message in front of them on a regular basis, you’re helping them remember to look you up—and not one of your competitors—when they do need you.

It might sound simple, but creating a variety of relevant posts can be a challenge when you’re busy juggling your day-to-day operations. KickCharge Creative’s social media team prepares a content calendar for the upcoming month, creating a thoughtful plan and making your review and approval more efficient to respect your valuable time. The calendar includes a mix of content types and also allows room for more spontaneous and timely posts, in case an unplanned opportunity pops up. Our posts are professionally written and proofread, follow best practices for length, and use web links and trending hashtags for maximum exposure.

While the KickCharge team is managing your social media content, we’re also managing interaction on your accounts. We’ll help you respond to comments—positive or negative—if you’d like our support in that area.

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Expert Ad Campaigns Maximize Effectiveness, Efficiency

Social media advertising is a cost-effective tactic for capturing new customers who don’t already know your brand. Your ads display to social media users who match the demographic parameters of the target audience you define. A variety of ad types encourage different types of interaction. For example, on Facebook, website click ads bring users to your company website, page like ads encourage people to follow your page to receive your content in their news feeds, and “contact now” ads trigger a phone call upon clicking.

Strategic copywriting and design ensure your ads send the right messages and get noticed. Correctly defining your target audience and allocating an appropriate ad budget also are critical components of a social media advertising campaign. Our experts at KickCharge Creative can analyze the options, make recommendations for the optimal settings and closely monitor your ads to get the best results.

We’ll Spark Social Media Success

Investing in your company’s social media presence helps you grow your business online. Spend your time and money wisely on social media by relying on experts who can execute best practices for profile optimization, content creation and advertising. The KickCharge team knows the social buzz and will help you grow your reach most efficiently. To learn more or to request a social media assessment for your business, contact us today online or call 908.835.9000.

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