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The Confidence to Face Rebranding Head-On

Your brand is a representation of who you are, what you do and who you strive to be. It is not something you can afford to spend little to no time, money or effort on. It may be daunting to trust someone else with the emotional cornerstone of your company. But just as you are a master of your trade, KickCharge is the master of branding. Tommy Mello of A1 Garage Door Service understood this, and he chose to “leave it all to us.” As a result, he has created what is arguably the most well-known garage door services company in the entire world, spanning 14 states across the nation. 

Tommy decided to rebrand his business after realizing that nothing he had “popped” with color or real meaning. It was his logo he noticed first, followed by his website, yard signs, mailers and more. None of it matched, and none of it was memorable. After connecting with KickCharge, we embarked with Tommy on a rebranding journey that would become larger-than-life in his industry. The mission was to create something more than just a fresh coat of paint. As he puts it: “If you get the right PR behind [the brand], the employees and the culture become the PR. The community becomes the PR. It kind of self-perpetuates itself.” By carefully combining the elements he wanted to see (such as having himself on the vans) with our knowledge and expertise, our team created an identity that was worthy of Tommy’s reputation in the home service world. 

In just three years following the rebrand, A1 Garage Door Service saw a $200M  increase in revenue. All of their materials are now concise and command respect, not confusion. “When I wrapped the building, oh my gosh. Such a huge difference. I really am looking back and I’m so glad I hired [KickCharge] for so many things,” Tommy says. The change made an equally large impact on his team as it did his customers, proving that a great brand goes far beyond who you are selling to. “…When you walk in here, it’s a place where people enjoy working, and the brand has a lot to do with that.”

“We consider ourselves garage door experts. We consider you a brand expert. So, I think, although it was scary at first having somebody like you and KickCharge behind you really provided peace of mind. It made the process much easier.” – Tommy Mello, CEO

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