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Rebranding In Spite of Success

This client is a perfect example of never settling or feeling complacent when you know you can strive for more. Already a 40+ million-dollar company, Eco knew that they could continue to grow. But in order to do so, they needed new branding. They wanted to reinvent the way they delivered their brand story, highlight recently added services, and take the entire company to the next level. A KickCharged logo was the place to start. The new vibrant colors immediately resonated with customers, one of whom said, “I can see your trucks everywhere—they stand out more; we love the colors.” Eco was already a large company with many different vehicle models, and they were counting on our designers to take the new brand and adapt it to each vehicle. We were able to do this flawlessly, allowing the client to feel even more ecstatic about their new brand.

In addition to their vehicles, all of Eco’s marketing materials needed to be rebranded. Their social media pages and email marketing template were updated to match the new brand. Their team’s rebranded uniforms and brochures ensure brand consistency across the board. Updated yard signs, direct mailers, and billboards capture the attention of potential new customers. The company also shared the new brand with employees in a way that was thoughtful and tailored to them. They hosted an exclusive event for their employees to share the exciting news—and the response was overwhelmingly positive.

As companies evolve, so should their brands. Eco’s owner, Aaron Gaynor, puts it best: “Reinventing yourself in your brand is important along the way without losing the equity of who it is, who you are, the culture.” A rebrand doesn’t change your company’s values, brand promise, or workmanship. It highlights them in the way your team deserves!

“Reinventing yourself in your brand is important along the way without losing the equity of who it is, who you are, the culture. But you need to reinvent as you move forward. So, we looked at it and said ‘Yeah, we’re doing good if this is how we want to stay.’ But we were looking and saying ‘What would take us to another level?’ [The answer was] the brand and how we deliver our message and even how we wrote our brand story.” — Aaron Gaynor, Owner/CEO

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