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A Family-Forward Rebrand

felix increased $500,000 in revenue 18 months after rebrandingNot all marketing partners are created equal. When Robert Felix added HVAC services to his company, Felix Appliance, he took another marketing company’s advice and rebranded to Golden Sword Services at the start of 2021. However, the new brand was not resonating with his target audience (primarily women). Customers were also confused and would call Golden Sword thinking they were calling Felix Appliance. It got to the point where Robert felt like he was running two completely different companies. By the end of 2021, Robert reached out to KickCharge to undo the damage and change the trajectory of his business. 

Together, we identified which aspects of Robert’s business spoke to his customers the most. We concluded that Golden Sword wasn’t working because it completely eliminated everything his customers loved most about the original brand. That is, the look and feel of a family-focused, friendly and local company. So, we returned to the original Felix brand and revamped it with a new logo that more closely resembles the likeness of Robert. We preserved the trust instilled into the original name while drastically updating and enhancing the logo. We also consolidated all of the company’s services under one brand: Felix Appliance was now Felix Appliance, Heating & Air. Robert was eager to get his vans wrapped right away, and for good reason: Felix immediately saw an increase in calls and needed to staff up shortly after the rebrand due to the higher demand.

Robert’s initial rebranding mistake cost him tens of thousands of dollars. 18 months after rebranding with KickCharge, the company’s revenue increased by $500k (35%). Plus, Felix has seen a significant increase in their average tickets. Partnering with experts who take the time to understand the company’s target audience and know how to effectively roll out a new brand is key. After rebranding the right way, Robert explained, “It’s an investment that you’ll get back within the first six months, in my opinion. You just can’t afford not to do it.” We are so glad that our team was able to turn things around for our friends at Felix Appliance, Heating & Air!

“It’s an investment that you’ll get back within the first six months, in my opinion. You just can’t afford not to do it.” – Robert Felix, Owner

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