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A Rebrand That’s Both Sticky & Sweet!

$1K Avg. Ticket Increase within one year of rebranding The Honey Dudes brand demonstrates the power of a cohesive identity where every element solidifies the brand promise. Our client, Mike, was struggling to gain traction, recruit top talent, and grow his handyman company, MDG Maintenance. While the company had a stellar reputation in the community, the brand itself was falling short. Despite the sentimental value behind his previous brand, Mike understood that the same level of meaning and value didn’t exist for his customers. So, he approached KickCharge with a mission to unleash his company’s true potential.

Mike specifically wanted a brand that would be more inviting and align with his customers’ needs. Inspired by the traditional “honey-do list,” we created a name, logo, and tagline that reinforce the company’s services and promise that they can handle virtually any job—big or small. Our illustrator brought the name Honey Dudes to life with a friendly bear-and-bee duo as the company’s mascots. Their new tagline, “Things to Do? Call the Dudes!” sweetens the deal by making the brand even stickier in people’s minds. Mike reflected on the rebranding process, saying, “You guys just nailed who we are. We’re not, you know, the big burly guys out there. We’re a bunch of softies and really do care.” Now, customers are able to feel the warmth that was there all along, but was concealed through the company’s outdated and out-of-sync branding.

Within the first year of rebranding, Honey Dudes’ average tickets increased by almost $1,000. People think Mike has fifty vehicles when he currently has nine. The buy-in from employees and the transformation in company culture have been equally astounding. Mike’s employees work hard to live up to the brand and have embraced it beyond what he could have ever imagined. Plus, this harmonious brand solved a problem that Mike didn’t even know he had: “We don’t explain what we do anymore. I didn’t realize how much time and energy we were using to explain to our clients and customers what we do.” The Honey Dudes brand has provided so much more than clarity. It has brought comfort and familiarity to the community while empowering the company’s employees to approach their work with more confidence and care than ever before.

“Our average tickets are going up, our closing rates are going up. That value is definitely built in right from the get go.” — Mike Gidich, Owner

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