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Ruffling Feathers With a High-Flying Brand

This company was doing everything right from a service standpoint. They were honest, reliable and treated both their customers and their employees exceptionally well. But none of this mattered for growing the business because a bland brand was holding the company back. According to the client, some customers even questioned whether they were a real company because they appeared so small. This client had built a business from scratch despite having limited resources and marketing expertise. But in order to grow and leverage an identity that conveyed their true value, they needed to brand for disruption. That’s when they approached the KickCharge team.

We started by renaming the company, which was originally My Air System. After an in-depth discussion about the company’s background, values, etc., we opted to focus on a tropical theme that honored the owner’s Honduran ethnicity. Another key takeaway from the conversation is that the macaw is the national bird of Honduras. This is what inspired Macawsome, a new, made-up word that fused together “macaw” and “awesome.” This new name was the foundation for the unforgettable mascot that followed. By transitioning from My Air System to Macawsome, this company’s brand was no longer just a name—it was a promise. And it’s one that the local community has embraced with open arms. To complete the rollout, we designed the company’s uniforms and hats, wrote and designed their print collateral, crafted their tagline and designed their business cards. 

This client approached us with the understanding that comfort doesn’t necessarily mean growth. They knew that they had reached stagnation in their own, self-created comfort zone. But because they were able to fully place their trust in us, they are discovering an entirely new level of growth for the very first time. When reflecting on the rebrand, this client had only one regret—that is, they wish they had done it sooner! 

“It was a big step for us because we were really in that comfort zone where everything was flowing. Why change if we’re going good? But we started watching [KickCharge], reading your book, and that made us notice that, ‘Okay. Comfort doesn’t necessarily mean growth.'” — Byanka Gutierrez, Co-Owner

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