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Earning a Big Thumbs Up

Generally, KickCharge does not recommend building a company’s brand around a last name, which can cut down on brand recognition, but what Munz needed was a “hook”—something to draw in customers. Before rebranding, this client had consolidated three businesses into one, and they were trying to decide how to move forward with them under one brand. Not only did this company not have a sticky brand; they barely had a recognizable one at all, with mostly white vans and a bland logo. We worked directly with the client to create something memorable around the name. The “hook” was found through crafting a catchy tagline: “Consider it done with Munz!” This made for a great jumping-off point to design the rest of the brand, especially as it captured the culture of the company and how they wanted to be represented in their community. Then, rather than build a logo around overused visuals like roofing images, we designed a mascot in eye-catching green and purple that made the brand immediately identifiable. 

The bright logo started working for them immediately, as the client saw a “dramatic increase” in business in the months after their newly wrapped trucks hit the road. The wraps drew attention from customers who had never even noticed the local company’s vehicles before. As well as these wraps, we designed site signs and billboards to spread brand awareness. And it’s not only customers that noticed the big change. Bill Rosell, who works for Munz owner Lance Bachmann, told us that he “100% believes” that their technicians feel more pride in their work when they put on their bright green uniforms. All they needed was the right design!

“We’ve seen a dramatic increase since the trucks have been on the road. Our brand has skyrocketed in the last 3 months.” – Bill Rosell

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Vehicle Wrap and Logo prepared for Munz
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