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On the Double!

Reaching New Heights With a Rebrand

Originally AirTex Heating and Air Conditioning, this company struggled to stand out amongst a plethora of similarly named businesses across Texas. Plus, their competitors were marketing more than they were, costing them new customers and potential opportunities. Eventually, after nearly a decade, they chose to take the brave step forward and rebrand.

This client loved the idea of creating a disruptive and unique mascot to better connect with the local community. They wanted their new brand to make them look progressive, established, and fun. This is what led our team to develop their new name: On the Double! Heating & Cooling. As a company with a lot of heart, this name communicates double the effort, double the quality, and double the fun. We chose a hummingbird for their logo and mascot to represent their speedy service. We replaced their forgettable, generic tagline (“We Do It Right and Keep It Right!”) with one that really fits the bill: “We Keep Your Home Humming!

Since rebranding, the client has gotten more referrals from people seeing their vans than from their TV ads! Moreover, according to the owner, the new mascot has made itself right at home in the local community: “When you are walking up to someone’s home and they see the character [and] the van, it makes them just automatically feel more comfortable.” This approachable brand immediately puts customers at ease. It has also had a positive impact on the company’s employees; team members have fully embraced the new mascot and even bring in hummingbird-themed items. The owner puts it best when summing up their rebranding experience with KickCharge: “There’s a lot of work involved. [But] the end result is that it pays for itself.”

“When you are walking up to someone’s home and they see the character and the van—It makes them just automatically feel more comfortable.” – Josh, Owner

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