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Right Way Garage Doors

Rebranding the Right Way

right way increased in revenue by $4.5 million one year after rebrandingKickCharge sees it all the time. Companies come to us for rebranding and when we ask the origin of their current brand, we often hear that it’s their last name or an initial-based name. While those choices are meaningful to the company’s decision makers, we have found they unfortunately fail to resonate with customers. This was the case for Jake Wold of Right Way Garage Doors. After undergoing a brand refresh in 2020, complete with a snazzy new logo, and choosing the name RW Garage Doors, he began to doubt whether the name would gain brand recognition or serve them effectively. “It just didn’t feel right to do things based on looks and not data.” Enter KickCharge!

We thought about ways we could incorporate the initials into Jake’s new brand and logo design, and Right Way was born! Not only does the new name include his former brand’s initials, but it comes complete with a built-in promise, which is always a win-win as far as we’re concerned. For the logo, you’ll notice that we were able to maintain RW’s color scheme and that the integration of the “thumb’s up” into the design tied perfectly into the new Right Way name—a prime example of true branding cohesion. Jake speaks to what this means to not only his external customers, but his internal customers—his employees—as well: “Everything we do, everything we build, the way we operate: It’s all about getting it done the right way.”

Two years post-rebrand, and the numbers are off the charts:

  • Revenue up $4.5M in one year ($11M in 2022 to nearly $16M in 2023)
  • Service business grew by $2M
  • Average ticket prices nearly tripled to $964

And all of this without any increase to their marketing spend. How? Thanks to strong branding, customers are now searching for Right Way’s name instead of letting Google do the work for them. When asked if the rebranding process was scary, Jake admitted that it was, but he was quick to add: “We consider ourselves garage door experts. We consider you to be brand experts.” He trusted the process, and now is reaping the benefits of his new KickCharged brand!

“We consider ourselves garage door experts. We consider you a brand expert. So, I think, although it was scary at first, the entire KickCharge team really provided peace of mind. It made the process much easier.” — Jake Wold, Owner

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