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Outdated Info Can Cost You Customers—and Money!

Have you ever researched a store’s business hours on a company’s website only to show up at their front door and realize they’re closed? It’s a frustrating scene that happens more often than it should. And it can be utterly maddening. If it’s happened to you, it’s quite possible you’ve even boycotted the store—just out of principle!

Don’t let this happen to your business.

Missing, outdated or inaccurate web information is not only unprofessional—but it hurts your conversion rate, too. (This is the percentage of potential customers who come across your company and may choose to book a service with you.) To ensure that you don’t lose potential customers, it’s critical to keep all of your company information current—100% of the time. Here are the five most important places to manage your updates.

1. Company Website

Edit the information on your Contact page. Or consider implementing a temporary, prominent message in a popup or banner to highlight must-see information for all website visitors.

2. Google My Business

You can’t afford to show outdated information on Google. Your company’s Google My Business profile will appear in search results on the world’s most popular search engine—and in Google Maps, too. Claim your listing and ensure all fields are completed and up-to-date.

3. Apple Maps

Don’t forget about this one! It is the default app for maps and directions on Apple devices. This is the info Apple’s voice assistant, Siri, consults, so it’s heavily used. Log in to Apple Maps Connect with your Apple ID to edit your company info.

4. Social Media Profiles

People spend a lot of time on social media, especially on their smartphones. Therefore, a social media channel, such as Facebook or LinkedIn, might be the first place customers go to get answers to their questions about your company. Update all of them—Yelp, too—so you’ve got your bases covered.

5. Phone & Email

You also can announce changes to your standard procedures within the recorded telephone greeting that all callers hear or in a note added beneath your email signature.

Help Is Here for You!

The KickCharge Creative digital marketing team can help you manage your online presence. We assist our search engine optimization, paid search and social media campaign clients with updates like these on a regular basis. Our team also can handle branding, vehicle wrap design, website development, email marketing and creating business names and taglinesfor HVAC companies and any other business types. Contact us today if you have questions!

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