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Contractors With Strong Branding Improve Hiring Success

Inadequate staffing is a near-universal concern among our home contractor clients. Many of them make major investments in marketing campaigns that create new leads but are stymied by a shortage of personnel. It’s not for lack of interest, either. They want to hire more technicians but struggle to find quality candidates.

Sales growth is directly related to successful staffing, which is why some companies dedicate a full-time position for a recruiter. Others have developed in-house training programs. But no matter where you advertise opportunities, the best way to be competitive in a tight labor market is to be a desired destination for job seekers. This starts with having an appealing brand.

Make Your Workplace More Appealing

Most companies come to KickCharge because they want to boost their branding to create more business opportunities. A professionally designed logo, a sleek vehicle wrap and strong messaging that communicates your values and philosophy all inspire confidence in customers.

But homeowners aren’t the only ones interacting with your brand. It’s the first way potential hires get to know your company. Think about it. If you were a skilled, experienced plumber, electrician or HVAC technician looking for a job, would you be more likely to apply to a company that has a forgettable name and white vans with illegible lettering or to a company that looks like one of these?

Strong branding conveys an aura of longevity and stability, qualities that attract loyal, dedicated workers. It reinforces that your company values professionalism and takes pride in its work, which cues candidates about the work culture they can expect to find.

KickCharge clients have noticed the difference. Companies that we’ve renamed and rebranded tell us their recruitment efforts are more fruitful because the changes enhanced their reputations.

RDS Same Day Delivery in New York City used its branding to liven up work spaces when it moved into a new building. The branded wall wraps energize the RDS team and also communicate trust, confidence and inspiration to current and prospective clients who visit. The feelings the brand conjures also impress potential new employees.

Your Brand Can Empower Your People

During a rebranding project, the process of defining your brand story, culture and values can help you make your company a better place to work. Use those insights to create the most compelling job posts. Focus on the benefits, like Goettl does.

Provide professional, branded uniforms your team will be proud to wear and a sharp-looking fleet that turns heads for the right reasons. When you create print collateral, you not only improve your sales close ratio, you also boost your team’s confidence and motivation because they have the tools they need to do their jobs effectively.

Employees who feel positive about their company’s image will be more likely to take advantage of incentives to refer other tradespeople for open positions.

The power of a brand transcends marketing and fuels recruitment ventures. Invest in your company first, and you will be better poised to invest in your people.

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