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Stuck with a Skeptical Audience? Lower Their Defenses with Marketing Tactics

“Trust takes years to build, seconds to break and forever to repair.” While this phrase typically applies to personal relationships, it can also describe the connection between HVAC contractors and consumers.

Customers are naturally skeptical. After being burned by other service providers one too many times, consumers approach HVAC businesses with a shield of apprehension. In order to convey trust, contractors can leverage their brand, ensuring customers that their business is built on reliability, sincerity and, most importantly, integrity.

Ditch the Sales Pitch

An overdone sales pitch does more than put leads to sleep; it also raises immediate distrust for the business. Rather than overwhelm customers with information overload, let the brand do the talking.

Content marketing is an effective tactic that involves storytelling. It helps businesses provide the information that clients are seeking, without resorting to sales verbiage. Many marketing agencies specialize in content marketing services and craft compelling stories that end with a specific call to action.

A New Meaning to Face Value

When a homeowner or business owner needs HVAC services, their individual needs and preferences are their top priority.

Advertisements and website designs should act as a mirror. No matter who looks at them, consumers should be able to see themselves in the big picture—somehow, somewhere.

One of the best ways to achieve this mirror effect is through stock photography that reflects the company’s clientele. By showing people in real-life situations, businesses build a connection with potential customers. When people can relate to what they’re seeing, it increases the likelihood that they’ll pick up the phone and call.

Those Little Things Aren’t So Little

Before customers commit to a business, they take everything into consideration. Unfortunately, many companies fail to address the minor elements that matter.

Consumers are especially wary of the HVAC industry; many already have a predisposition that these businesses hire unqualified workers. To contradict these notions, an HVAC company must appear professional through every marketing endeavor.

HVAC companies can invest in beautifully designed websites that offer the most advanced web features. However, if the pages are poorly written and loaded with grammatical errors, customers will care little about the website’s appearance.

Whether it’s on the company website or in print collateral, ensure that the business’s contact information is visible and clear.

Correct punctuation and spelling speaks volumes about a business. With nothing else to go on, customers will correlate a business’s grammar with its service capabilities. Far too often, customers will leave a website, saying to themselves, “If they can’t even get their grammar right, they’re not going to repair my air conditioner right, either.”

Don’t lose leads because of something as mendable as punctuation. By covering all bases and proving intellect, HVAC businesses can present a trustworthy image.

Another element that should be prioritized is contact information. If a customer has to reach the ends of the earth for this information, then they’re never going to begin the journey. Whether it’s on the company website or in print collateral, ensure that the business’s contact information is visible and clear.

The Secret Weapon: Customer Testimonials

A business can go the distance trying to promote its credibility. But at the end of the day, there comes a point when consumers want to hear from other consumers. For this reason, customer testimonials are powerful tools.

According to a recent survey, 88 percent of people occasionally check reviews before making a purchase, and 39 percent regularly check them before buying anything.

With these high numbers, it’s impossible to deny the value of customer reviews. If an HVAC company already has a positive reputation, it should promote customer testimonials on the homepage. It seems like a small change, but it can make all the difference for leads that are on the fence.

Overcoming the Trust Hurdle

Conveying trust can be a challenge. But, with the right marketing tactics and strategy, HVAC businesses can connect with a skeptical audience. By putting consumers first and addressing their pain points, a company can engage its customers to get business booming.

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