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How to make the most of a company website and turn visitors into long-term customers

Consumers are more discerning today than ever before. When they turn to the web to research the services and products a company offers, they also want a better understanding of the business’s overall image. The way a company presents itself online often becomes the potential customer’s first impression.

A website visitor often devotes only a few seconds to determining whether the company is worth their time. The most impactful way a website can quickly seize the opportunity to convert leads into paying customers is to build a strong image using branded web design. Specializing in NJ web design, Graphic D-Signs helps small businesses gain marketplace momentum by creating a unique online presence that’s all about their brand.

Consistency Is Key

Think about what makes a great story. Words and pictures are interwoven to grab the reader’s attention and hold it until the very end. Even if a novel doesn’t include pictures, readers often build mental pictures in their minds as the story plays out.

Websites need to strike a perfect balance of content and imagery to tell the company’s story. This is where branded web design can make all the difference.

Take a look at Tonna Mechanical’s website. Located in Rochester, MN, this HVAC and plumbing company commands a powerful presence on the web. The company integrates its brand colors of red, white and blue throughout the site. Additionally, Tonna Mechanical’s mascot, the Tonna bear, is featured on every page. Because Tonna Mechanical has taken the time to leverage its company colors and brand, this website shows how a consistent brand builds trust and legitimacy for customers.

Branded web design is crucial for both contractors and corporations alike. For example, this website for CrownPoint Development Group feels much different than Tonna Mechanical’s. The company’s logo of three buildings stretching skyward represents commercial growth and expansion. The brand colors are integrated throughout all design elements across the website, once again creating consistency for visitors.

While Tonna Mechanical’s site generates a warm and fuzzy feeling that speaks to home comfort, CrownPoint Development Group achieves a much more polished and corporate look. Nevertheless, these two companies rely equally on branded web design to connect with their respective audiences.

Don’t Tell a Sales Pitch…Tell a Story

Business owners and managers are experts in their fields, not necessarily expert writers. So, they may struggle with trying to fill a blank web page, and therefore panic and resort to stringing together a series of dry sales pitches. However, in today’s world, simply having an online presence isn’t enough. A weak website won’t serve as the powerful marketing tool that it was intended to be, and visitors won’t be impressed.

When a website is enriched with a powerful, original brand, the company can leverage this identity and voice to walk the consumer through the buyer’s journey. By telling a story, companies can communicate their message and hit customers’ pain points in a creative way. Ultimately, there’s nothing that will drive a consumer to action more than an emotional connection—and this is exactly what a brand story can achieve.

Take another look at the Tonna Bear. With its memorable mascot, Tonna Mechanical is able to build an entire theme around “Goldilocks and the Three Bears.” This creates a unique platform on which the company can promote its services, while simultaneously referencing a cute fairytale story. CrownPoint Development Group has a similar advantage. Using its logo, the business can focus its content around growth, expansion and corporate success.

Discover the Difference of Branded Web Design

A business can be successful without branded web design. That being said, the company will be selling itself short in terms of growth and profit potential.

Over the past 20 years, along with creating more than 1,000 logos and brand identities and building more than 550 websites, Graphic D-Signs proudly offers small business marketing and NJ web design. Check out our before & after gallery to see what it means to have a powerful brand, and how that brand can be showcased on the web to boost business and command attention in the marketplace.

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