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Learn 5 Reasons KickCharge Creative Is Your Perfect Match

Our team at KickCharge Creative chats with business owners and managers across the country every day. Most of them share similar concerns, challenges and struggles in their quest to grow their market share. Perhaps the most consistent complaints we hear relate to the digital marketing realm. Many business owners are dissatisfied with the results or don’t understand whether their campaigns are truly working. An analysis of their websites shows best practices aren’t being followed and the fundamentals are missing. Many say their HVAC marketing agency won’t give them access to their website’s content management system, server, analytics or paid search accounts. Even worse, when they try to change providers, some discover they don’t own their website or anything on it. So, if they terminate their contract, they lose their web presence completely unless they write a large check.

Not us. Our philosophy is to have our clients’ backs. That’s why our web design company in NJ does digital marketing differently. Rest assured: All web vendors are not the same, after all. Check out five reasons you’ll love digital marketing by KickCharge Creative.

  1. You own it. Everything from the words and the graphics on your web pages to the coding behind the scenes belongs to you. You pay for it, so it’s yours with which to do what you please. This may seem like common sense. However, many digital agencies make you sign a monthly contract that’s like “leasing” your website.
  2. You have access. You should be able to edit the information on your website yourself. You should be able to see your website traffic data or check the performance of your pay-per-click campaign. You should have keys to your own accounts. If you don’t, it can be frustrating to rely on someone else to make a small change. You may feel skeptical about the picture of your online health that your agency is painting—or worse, you might wonder what your agency is hiding.
  3. You enjoy exclusivity. Your digital marketing goal is to achieve greater visibility and generate more leads than the competition. Your agency can’t accomplish this effectively or efficiently if it’s striving for the same objectives on your competitors’ behalf. That’s why KickCharge Creative won’t manage digital marketing for more than one company in the same market.
  4. Your character shines. Your brand voice is unique, so your website content should be, too. You do things your special way, and your website and marketing campaigns should communicate those differentiators. A well-branded website has custom copywriting that sounds like you. An agency that uses bland content on your site—and dozens of others—is not highlighting your selling points, and therefore giving customers no clear reason to choose you over a competitor. Besides, duplicate content is harmful to your organic search engine visibility, so you don’t want to share verbiage with any other websites.
  5. You benefit from coordination. We are more than a full-service marketing agency. We are your brand ambassadors. That means we can handle all of your marketing efforts across platforms, while ensuring your brand is at the forefront and implemented consistently. When you ask us to post a special offer on your website, we know to feature it in your social media, email, pay-per-click campaign, blog post and press release, as well. We streamline your marketing efforts so you can focus on the things you do best.

You’re in the Driver’s Seat

You must be relieved to learn that your digital marketing partnership can be a long-term relationship with people who truly care about growing your business. There’s a better way to do online marketing—the KickCharge Creative way. To start talking about how we can help you regain control, confidence and trust in your web presence, contact us online today or call 800-836-4666.

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