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Online Tool Helps HVAC Contractors Sell System Replacements

For consumers grappling daily with hundreds of decisions and demands for their time and attention, convenience is king. They appreciate every opportunity to save time and effort. Here at KickCharge® Creative, a web design company in NJ, we build websites for our clients with this goal in mind. We know a website that makes it easy for customers to do business gives a company a competitive advantage.

People go online to shop, do research, pay bills, schedule appointments, log into customer portals and chat live to get immediate answers to their questions. Now, they can add “purchase a new HVAC system” to that list.

Our team at KickCharge has used our NJ web design expertise and our experience working with contractors across the country to build a web application homeowners can use to select and purchase a new heating or air conditioning unit. The online tool we designed and developed for longtime client Town & Country Heating & Cooling in Lenexa, KS, has generated more than $200,000 in sales in the short time it’s been in use.

How It Works

The application gathers information about the customers’ houses, presents equipment options that meet their requirements and allows them to purchase a new HVAC system from the comfort of their couches.

“Customers love the ease and hassle-free access to get a quote without a sales pitch or misguided system selection,” said Town & Country owner Owen Faulkner. “It has allowed our customers to take the time they need to select a package and research their selection.”

A similar online quote generator was part of the web design our NJ agency created for Jim’s Royal Heating & Air in Sheboygan, WI.

The tool is customizable. Contractors provide their own specifications and formulas, and our developers work their magic to show customers only the appropriate equipment options based on the customers’ input. It’s also editable, so anyone with access to the website content management system can modify product descriptions and pricing whenever necessary.

The Jim’s Royal website generates a price estimate, while the Town & Country system features a payment processor that allows customers to buy their HVAC systems online. For both companies, customer outreach is the next step in the process. The contractor follows up to close a sale based on the online estimate or makes an appointment to verify the online purchase details and schedule installation.

“We have been able to direct people to the site if they were just looking for a ballpark quote, and most of those folks end up purchasing,” Faulkner says. Real estate agents in his market also use the tool to give quick price estimates to potential homebuyers who need new HVAC systems.

Give Your Customers Convenient Solutions

HVAC contractors looking to enhance the profitability of their websites can consider integrating this tool to generate online sales. Contact us today at 908.835.9000 or online to learn more about how KickCharge Creative, a marketing agency specializing in web design in NJ and across the country, can help you grow your business.

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