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In the battle for brand supremacy, awareness is crucial. It is because of this that so many big businesses take great pains to make sure their branding is present everywhere their consumers might be. Head to the supermarket, the bus stop, the big game, the local pub, or the television and you’re bound to see names like Coca Cola and McDonald’s throughout.

The latest hotspot, however, is the mobile device–and for good reason. Consumers are spending more and more time on mobile devices, tablets, and portable technology devices. Your small business needs to have a mobile marketing strategy, but it doesn’t have to be the same copy and paste method as your competitors. We invite you to think differently about mobile marketing, and here’s how:

Fleet Branding

If your business is more service-oriented and employs a number of vehicles, it’s not a bad idea to start thinking about fully leveraging the fleet. A well-implemented truck wrap not only gets seen by your community, but is an excellent way to keep up a positive appearance, even when your services are not of immediate need. When that time comes, and the prospective customer is thinking about who to call, your standout brand is much more likely to come to mind.

Responsive Web Design

When technology fails us, it often leaves a sour taste. Frustration, anger, and disappointment are all likely to rush in when a website is down or a link is broken. Don’t even get us started on waiting for webpages to load. In the same regard, trying to access a website that does not have a responsive design from a mobile device is the equivalent of pulling teeth.

If your site doesn’t adjust properly to fit the device it is being viewed on, whether it’s a desktop computer or the latest mini tablet, your company is going to lose mobile business. It’s that simple.

Clear-cut Content

By now, smart businesses are realizing the need for creating their own content. While video is hot and blogging is a trusted staple, content of some sort is a necessary standard. However, small businesses need to recognize that this content will very likely be viewed on a mobile device. Moving forward, they must create content with this in mind, straying away from overly text-heavy posts or linking to irrelevant news stories.

Customer Advocates

Quick, what’s the greatest piece of mobile marketing collateral you can create? A happy customer! Regardless of the enclave of marketing tactics available, if you aren’t making your customers happy than you need to make some big changes, and fast! Customer-generated content is proving to be one of the greatest influencers in future purchases by prospectives.

Go over the top, bend over backwards, or do something a little extra for your customers and they will feel compelled to share it! Reward your customer advocates creatively, and pretty soon you will have a small army of people actively fighting for your brand.

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