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Looking to Make a Business Change This Year? Put Your Services in the Spotlight

A Web That’s Flooded With HVAC

In the vast ocean of HVAC websites, a landing page should emerge as the beacon of light that draws attention to a business and places it at the forefront of search engine results. A strategic landing page will give a business more recognition on the web, ultimately increasing leads and sales for the business.  

Effectively reaching a target audience is a daunting task for any business. And for HVAC providers, it is especially important to avoid offering vague mission statements and promoting supposedly unique selling propositions that, in reality, any heating and cooling company can offer.

A landing page is a page that’s launched to highlight a specific service, and then generate leads. By clicking on a hyperlink in either search engine results or an online ad, landing pages drive consumers to a business’s website in ways that extend beyond browsing the company’s homepage. A landing page is an opportunity to highlight a business’s benefits and prove to customers why that business is the one that they should call. When done effectively, a landing page will make consumers remember one particular business name when they need HVAC services in the future. In addition, the lead-generation form that should be included in every landing page will gather contact information and give a business the opportunity to connect with their leads through email, phone calls, etc.  

Now, many HVAC business owners may be asking themselves, “OK, so landing pages matter, but how many should I have?” The answer is simple—the more the merrier. In fact, when companies increased their landing pages from 10 to 15, these businesses saw a 55 percent increase in leads.

With a clear headline and an engaging sub-headline, businesses are immediately demonstrating two things to their readers: first, they are informing them of a specific service that the business is offering, and secondly, companies are showing their originality and enabling their team stand out from the hundreds (if not, thousands) of other HVAC businesses nearby.

Keep It Focused & Follow the Formula

Too often, businesses present their landing pages as general advertisements that try to force services down their consumers’ throats. However, the most effective landing pages are promoting a very specific service for a very specific audience. Demonstrating keen awareness of a consumer’s problem, and then showcasing how a business can fix that problem, is what will generate conversions for a website.

In today’s content marketing era, it has become critical to blend simplicity with specificity when addressing a target audience. Consumers don’t want a sales pitch—they want a clear, bulleted list that showcases how they can benefit from a business’s services, rather than from other HVAC companies’ offerings nearby.

Other successful landing page tactics include placing the clear lead-generation email box in the upper right or upper left corner of the page, and replacing the “submit” text in the contact form with something more relevant to the page, such as “fix my furnace” for a page promoting furnace repair services. If possible, keep content above the fold, so that consumers can see the key points with minimal effort.

Luckily, there are thousands of landing pages already on the web that HVAC business owners can reference as a guide while formatting their own. Here’s an example of an HVAC landing page that’s listed high in Google rankings after searching for “Indoor Air Quality in Thousand Palms, California.”

It’s About More Than Just Money

Another advantage of landing pages is the ease with which business owners can analyze their effectiveness. With popular web analytic services, such as Google Analytics, businesses can track the different ways in which people are reaching their landing pages to determine the most effective web pathway.

If there’s one thing that’s been proven through the development of the web and social media, it’s that consumers live for perks. Price is not the sole factor in choosing a service provider. An HVAC business might not be offering the most inexpensive services in town, but with an effective landing page that answers the “So, what?” question that the target audience is asking, business owners will quickly discover that the right kind of content, in the right place, promoted at the right time, can prove to be just as significant as the price tag.

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