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These Tips Will Help You Avoid Those Bumps in the Road

The struggle is real! We hear it time and time again from our clients in the home services industry. Hiring technicians who are capable, reliable and dependable can be incredibly challenging. Retaining them can be tough, too.

Smart business owners know their success depends on finding talented techs who are not only good at fixing, replacing and maintaining home equipment, but who are also good at showing up for work on time, getting along with their teammates and making sure customers feel cared for and respected.

A strong team is the backbone of a strong business. That’s why companies that struggle to keep reliable workers will also struggle to keep loyal customers. Your employees are your company ambassadors and customers simply won’t tolerate mediocre work or grouchy, unhelpful service techs in their homes.

We’ve talked to business owners who have learned how to overcome this problem. Here are some of the strategies they use:

Recruitment Tips:

  1. Feature a Careers Page on your website. Use this page to share information about your company culture and the benefits you provide for your employees, especially if you go above and beyond your competitors with perks such as tuition reimbursement, gym memberships, etc. Consider letting your employees do the talking by including a “Day in the Life” section where they share highlights from their work that bring them joy.
  2. Add a Meet the Team Page, too. Let your customers and prospective customers get to know the members of your team on a deeper level. Include pictures, job titles, responsibilities, favorite quotes, hobbies and more.
  3. Post company/employee news on social media. Use your social media accounts to connect with customers. Here are just some topics you can focus on: employee birthdays, work anniversaries, training sessions, team bonding events, holiday celebrations, new hires, promotions, new babies, new pets, etc. The possibilities are endless.
  4. Lean on your brand. Good branding will set you apart. It will distinguish you as a great place to work—one that’s professional, passionate and, in many cases, fun. When job candidates see your service vehicles, uniforms, stationery, wall wraps and more, they’ll get the message loud and clear: You’re the complete package with everything to offer.

Retention Tips

  1. Use an employee recognition platform like CUES, Nectar and others. These platforms allow you to recognize and celebrate your employees’ accomplishments and achievements. One of the main reasons employees leave companies is because they feel unappreciated or unheard. These apps can help with employee satisfaction and reduce turnover.
  2. Display your core values & mission statement prominently. Keeping these values and goals front and center serves as a daily reminder to employees. It can do a lot to foster positivity and team building.
  3. Leverage your brand. Use branded wall wraps in offices, meeting rooms or anywhere else that can be impactful. Equip your employees with T-shirts, hats and other branded swag that they can wear or use with pride.

KickCharge Creative specializes in branding, names and taglines, vehicle wraps, websites, uniforms, stationery, wall wraps and more. While we’re not a recruitment agency, we offer everything you could possibly need to build up your brand and, in turn, your company culture. Call us at 908.835.9000 or reach out through our website to request a quote.

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