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Here’s What Our Values Bring to Your Business

While our team is busy working on helping your business grow, sometimes we need to invest a little time and energy into working on our business. It’s just like the advice doctors give moms: “You need to take care of yourself so you can take care of everyone else.” So over the past year, during a thoughtful process to set goals for KickCharge Creative, our management team defined our agency’s mission statement, promise and core values. Establishing and embracing these pieces of our identity help us focus our business growth efforts, and they also empower us to do our best work for you: from brand development and HVAC advertising to content creation and digital marketing.

The KickCharge promise and values capture what makes our team of talented and passionate marketing experts special. If you need to choose a partner to be your brand ambassador, consider whether these qualities match your company’s personality and expectations.

The KickCharge Promise

We will be your advocates. We respect your investment and your trust, so we will deliver the most effective branding and marketing, even if it pushes you outside of your comfort zone.

This means we aren’t “yes men.” If you are seeking a vendor that simply follows orders, that’s not how we roll. Companies hire KickCharge for our expertise, creativity and ideas—and especially because our passion is to create disruption. We can’t do that with ho-hum logos or boring ads. If you ask us to do something we think will not work, we will tell you. Yes, we push back if it’s in your best interest.

We will encourage you to adopt a logo that will attract attention, stand out and resonate with your target audience, even if it’s a drastic change or you feel it’s too bold. We will pitch a more creative approach to an ad campaign or billboard that may be unlike any you’ve ever done before. If you ask our opinion on your pay-per-click campaign and our audit finds it is poorly run, we might even tell you it’s better to turn it off completely rather than waste your money.

We won’t allow you to be a wallflower. After all, don’t you want your marketing to make you the exact opposite?

Our Core Values Power Us

The words below describe all of the members on our team. We use them to measure performance and to decide whether job candidates are the right fit.

Positive & Energetic

We are excited about helping your business. So, sometimes we might send you long messages that include exclamation points! Or we may give you “too many” excellent options for ad headlines or billboard copy. We drink a lot of coffee, so fasten your seatbelt. 

Organized & Conscientious

We use project management software called Basecamp to organize our communications with you and share documents. Don’t worry—it’s easy; you can read and respond to the messages via email. Because we pay close attention to details, sometimes we need to ask you to provide nitty-gritty specifics. The more we know about your business, the better equipped we will be to support it.

Committed & Accountable

We have your back. (Don’t just take our word for it; check out reviews from more than 60 clients who have lived it.) We’ll do what it takes to get your project across the finish line (on time). This means you can count on us to collaborate with your other vendor partners on your behalf to accomplish the best final product. We value our weekends and evenings out of the office and away from our computers, but if you have an emergency and need to reach one of us off-hours, you’ll get the response you need.

Talented & Creative

Be willing to be adventurous! Don’t let fear trap you into doing the “same old thing” over and over. Our work stands out because what we produce is distinctive and unique. We take calculated risks and make bold decisions. And, it works—you’ll see.

Trustworthy & Honest

We will give you true opinions and feedback. If you provide your own content for collateral or a website that falls short, we will tell you. If you are interested in vehicle advertising but your current logo is not strong enough for an effective wrap design, we will tell you. If you request our free digital audit and the data shows that your current website and campaigns are working well, we will tell you. We are committed to what’s best for you.

Team-Oriented & Collaborative

We want to be your partner, not your vendor. Communicate with us. Brainstorm with us. Let’s share information, ideas and results so that we can make each other better. We do the same among ourselves.

Is KickCharge the Spark You Need?

If our qualities and priorities invigorate you, let’s talk. We love when our clients are fired up about their branding and marketing projects. To get started, call us at 908.835.9000 or contact us online.

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