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Follow our checklist to refresh your brand

Rebranding is a big deal. We just did it ourselves, transforming from Graphic D-Signs to KickCharge® Creative, so we get it. When done well, rebranding yields immeasurable benefits. But it’s also a decision with implications that extend far beyond choosing a new logo design.

If you’re not sure what to do first, second or third with your shiny new logo, our NJ advertising agency can help you navigate the process. It’s easy to get overwhelmed when you think about everywhere you need to replace your logo, and it’s unrealistic to update everything simultaneously.

This is where you can rely on our expertise in marketing for small businesses. We’ve created a checklist to guide you through the rollout journey. Our KickCharge Rebrand Roadmap prioritizes your projects into phases.

Put Your Brand in High Gear

First, you’ll need a few assets to effectively introduce your new brand to current and potential customers. After all, you want to make a splash with its public debut.

This kicks off the Brand Implementation phase, when you integrate your new brand into your essential marketing tools that have the highest visibility: your fleet, your website and key pieces of print collateral.

Next, the Brand Execution phase puts your new image to work in lead generation efforts so that your target audience views your company as more polished and professional than the competition. This is the time to create a new sales brochure and yard sign, for example, and to tackle an aggressive search engine marketing campaign.

During the next phase, you can deploy Brand Enforcers: assets that demonstrate you’ve fully transformed to embrace your company’s new identity. Examples of these are a branded email marketing template, apparel and customized thank-you cards to mail to your clients.

We’ll Steer You Toward Marketing Success

As your brand ambassadors, we are by your side to walk you through each step of the rebranding evolution. Along the way, you can refer to the KickCharge Rebrand Roadmap to track your progress.

The end result is a smooth transition that minimizes confusion for your customers without derailing your budget or your ability to run your daily operations.

To learn more about any of the projects on our checklist or to start your own rebranding journey, explore our website or contact our team today online or by calling 908.835.9000.

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