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Dan Antonelli

Creating a nostalgic brand that lives up to this HVAC company’s promise of old-school professionalism.

A new brand breathes new life – and a 65% increase in sales.

When Palm Spring, CA-based Timo’s Heating & Air Conditioning decided to elevate their business image, they knew we’d be the perfect match to take an already reputable brand to even greater heights. Having built their family-owned business on unparalleled customer support, fair pricing and craftsmanship, it was time to partner with a marketing firm to help them grow their business even further.

After discussing the direction and focus for their branding, we decided to highlight their history with a retro-themed brand that communicated the quality service that’s often missing from today’s service companies. Following extensive research, we hand-drew the new Timo’s icon, as well as the typography–to reflect a design style indicative of the mid 50s.

Playing off the branding, we developed the company’s stationery, along with their most important branding asset: their vehicles. A unique design was created for their service vehicles, which has proven to be a source of renewed brand recognition and quality leads.

Next was the HVAC web site design, which really carries the retro theme. We like to think that, if the internet been around in the 1950s, this is what web sites would look like. A very aggressive search engine marketing strategy was built into the site, and it serves as great generator of firm leads, as well.

In June, 2012, the truck wrap and vehicle advertising we designed was awarded first place in HVACR Magazine Tops in Trucks Contest. Their truck was also featured on the front cover of SignCraft Magazine. Timo’s was also recently interviewed in the September 2012 Issue of HVACR Magazine.

What the client says:

“When we first stumbled upon Graphic D-Signs one year ago, we never could have imagined how influential this company would be to our business. What started as simply needing a website turned into the complete reinvention of our company’s image and appeal.

Dan and his team took our original logo and modernized it… recreating it in a jaw-dropping way that demands attention from whoever sees it. Dan later applied the new logo to our vehicle advertising and created a stunning design that has received praise and admiration from not just our customers, but our competition as well. Our technicians get stopped on a daily basis and are asked for business cards simply because people see our vehicles on the road.

Last, but certainly not least, Dan and his team created our website. Words cannot express how impressed we are with the design and development of the entire project. We gave Graphic D-Signs complete freedom to design the site however they wished, and they surpassed our every expectation. Positive feedback has been pouring in since the day our website went live.

The most important thing Dan and his staff have done is breathe new life into our 20-year-old business, and helped us grow the business by over 60% in the last three years. Walking into the office every morning is an entirely new experience since our brand has been created. Because of that, we offer our sincerest thank you to Dan and all of the staff at Graphic D-Signs. You guys are awesome.” – Joe Timo, President, Timo’s Air Conditioning & Heating

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