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Your logo is going to stick with you for a while. Presumably as long as you’re in business. Assuming you’re as successful as you hope to be – that could last your lifetime. You don’t want a logo that becomes stale. Sometimes taking on trends means a logo that you’ll get sick of quickly. Solution? Use time tested styles that keep giving… and giving. Everyone connects to the homey warmth of the 50’s, the freedoms of the 60’s etc. That’s why we thing retro logos are an effective and fun way to go.

Graphic D-Signs can create stunning retro-styled logo designs for your business. A quality retro logo design can say a lot about your business – and give the viewer a unique appreciation for the quality known of businesses from the mid-century. Retro logos are wholesome, they instill confidence – and the designs resonate well with the viewer. The sense of nostalgia in retro logo design is comforting. Not only that, but retro logo design and art deco logo design can communicate longevity – the feeling that the business has been around for a very long time. As a logo design genre, retro logos is probably our most favorite type of logo design for small businesses. It takes a lot of research – but retro logo design is very rewarding.

Our retro logo design and art deco logo design work begins with a conversation with the client, and research into their market, and core client base. We then craft several retro logo design concepts, all hand rendered. We never use clip art.

Once the retro logo is designed, you can feel confident that our crew can than also build the rest of your marketing in a similar style – whether it be a web site, brochure, or stationery.

Graphic D-Signs President and Creative Director, Dan Antonelli, personally oversees the retro logo design process. With a unique background in traditional sign painting, coupled with a BA Degree in Advertising, Dan is an expert on logo design for small businesses. Dan Antonelli, is also the author of Logo Design for Small Business, and Logo Design for Small Business 2, which contains over 175 logos he created at the Graphic D-Signs studio, as well as tips and strategy for effective and striking small business logo design. Dan also gives lectures and workshops on logo design and branding, and is a frequent feature writer for several trade magazines.

Check out more awesome retro logos and details on how they were made at our website by clicking here.

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