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You would think that nowadays, most business owners understand the importance of search engines and the role that they should play in their marketing strategy. Yet, I frequently hear from potential clients that search engine optimization is not important to them, or their marketing strategy. Some comments I hear is “Oh, we don’t get work that way”, or “We get all our business via word of mouth”.

All of that may be fine, but I must question the wisdom of building a site that ignores the fundamentals of search engine optimization, and ignoring the opportunity that lies in proper search engine marketing. We’ve taken so many clients online and marketed their site aggressively, and the results have completely changed the way in which their company does business.

Take for example, a recently redesigned site we just finished for a long time client, Suburban Seats. Their new site has been a lead-generating MACHINE! It’s bringing in more leads than ever before. Why? Well #1 rankings for Truck Seats is surely one of the reasons.

So, when someone shows us a site with no search engine optimization – or a site built entirely in Flash – we question why a company would choose to purposely ignore the opportunity to generate business and leads online. We can only assume that they didn’t know much about it, and trusted that their web designer would design a site to address those needs.

These same companies then become the ones spending thousands of dollars on paid Adwords campaign because their site won’t ever rank high naturally, and their web designer doesn’t know of any other way to actually get their site to rank naturally – for free. We we’re recently hired to redesign a sign company’s site who was spending $500 a month on Google Adwords. Why? Because their current site was built entirely in Flash. When we’re done with it, we expect them to eventually rank naturally for most search terms. And when that happens – they save $500 a month. When you do the math, a properly optimized site will quickly pay for itself when comparing how much an Adwords campaign will cost.

If you really want to know how ranking high on Google naturally has helped their business, just give them a call and ask them. You could also ask us too – we rank #1 for nearly every term related to our business. Google us for nj web design, nj logo design, nj graphic designer.

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