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It’s no secret that social media is the next big thing for small businesses, and for good reason.

More people are heading online to get their news. More people are searching online before making in-store purchases. And more people are connecting online with the ideas, stories, and brands they love – instantly.

Social media is the cohesive bond that seems to tie all this activity together. Every experience – personal, professional, and even paranormal—can now be shared with the world, for better or for worse, through social media.

Consider the facts: One of every seven seconds online is spent on Facebook (MediaBistro). Over one-fifth of the world’s Internet population actively uses Twitter (Yahoo!). And social media produces double the marketing leads of trade shows, telemarketing, direct mail, or PPC (Hubspot).

For businesses everywhere, social media means a seemingly limitless degree of insight into consumer behavior and feedback. It also means a new avenue to help them meet their major business goals. But particularly for small businesses, it means a huge chance to level the playing field with their corporate competition. Small businesses can now discover new audiences across the world, acquire the best talent available, more aptly calculate the effectiveness of campaigns, and quickly hear their customers’ biggest concerns. This can all be done through social media.

The main obstacle against them is time. The social media industry is as fast-paced as any, driven by the latest tech and biggest venture capital firms. For the average small business owner, keeping up with the latest updates, platforms and demands of social is a daunting task.

Most see it as a space that they simply need to fill. Yet, the cost-effective opportunity available through social is a beast onto itself that should not be left in the corner.

At GDS, we can help you fully leverage your social media presence in the easiest way possible for your small business. We have the top caliber strategies, the latest industry insights, and the creative capabilities to maximize your social media presence and truly make it work for you. Our cutting-edge services will integrate your desired business goals with thoughtful tactics and best practice to ensure that your brand stays relevant. Moreover, our masterful creative storytellers will make sure that your brand’s message shines through and reaches the proper audiences.

We can ensure your brand appears on the appropriate social media channels and is armed with a winning content marketing strategy, integrated email newsletter campaign, dynamic editorial calendar, and comprehensive metric analysis. We offer full management of your social media channels and brand campaign, so you can spend time on the things that matter most.

There’s no better way to reach your consumers than through a device they keep in-hand and at the ready. Our strategies and content creation encompass the increasing emphasis on mobile tech, as industry sources predict smartphone sales in 2013 to exceed 1 billion. Likewise, we go to great measure to stay at the forefront of the latest innovations by creating organic strategies that adapt as well as impress.

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