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Marketing Mistakes That Horrify Us

Scary movies give us goose bumps, but marketing mistakes chill us to the bone! Is your business selling itself short with poor marketing tactics? We put our heads together to share what frightens us most—and causes our clients to miss precious business opportunities. We’re creeped out when:

1. Your website is a nightmare on mobile.

Solution: Invest in professional web development to make your site mobile-friendly.
Desktops and laptops have taken a back seat to mobile devices. If your website isn’t mobile friendly, visitors will move on to a competitor’s that is. For best results, build a website with responsive design.

2. Your website is getting less traffic than a haunted house.

Solution: Launch a targeted SEO campaign to boost organic search results.
Simply having a website isn’t enough anymore. If leads aren’t visiting your site, it’s time to dust off the cobwebs and boost your incoming traffic. To help you, we partner with 1SEO.com Digital Agency, the SEO experts and a Google Premier Partner.

3. Your vehicles are dull and outdated.

Solution: Dress them up with a customized vehicle wrap.
White, hand-lettered vehicles are like pumpkins on Halloween: they’re everywhere you go! Meanwhile, colorful and professionally designed vehicle wraps command attention. Are your vehicles standing out or blending in? See for yourself what a customized vehicle wrap can do for your image and bottom line.

4. Your type isn’t legible.

Solution: Demand easy-to-read type carefully chosen by experienced designers.
Illegible tombstones are common in horror movies. But your marketing should never be difficult to decipher. Typography immediately affects how people view your business, so choose a type that’s pleasing to the eye.

5. Your graphics don’t have room to breathe.

Solution: Leverage white space to add balance.
The more graphics the better, right? Not necessarily. In fact, white space is just as important as the design elements. Whether it’s a newsletter or direct mailer, give your graphics the space they need to make a strong impact. Don’t have an eye for design? It’s what our experts live for. They can help you with all your marketing graphics to ensure they’re polished, balanced and bound to get noticed.

6. Your marketing is built around duplicate content.

Solution: Insist on original and branded messaging.
Once you write content and use it, you shouldn’t bring it back from the dead. Repurposing is acceptable and oftentimes beneficial. But reusing content verbatim—especially when it isn’t your own—is a major no-no. Not only is it plagiarizing, it’s also highly penalized by search engines. We’re so adamant about avoiding duplicate content that we wrote an entire blog post about it.

7. Your content is full of grammatical errors and typos.

Solution: Proofread your work—or hire the experts to do it for you.
An ad or website can have the best graphics imaginable. But if the content is riddled with mistakes, the company’s credibility is suspect. After all, if you can’t double-check your spelling, why should customers believe you’ll double-check your work when you’re on the job? Take the time to make sure your content is error-free. And if writing isn’t your forte, our professional writers can help you with that.

8. Your website uses Flash animation.

Solution: Replace Flash with a more user-friendly alternative.
We loved the ‘90s (who didn’t?!). That being said, there are some things that should stay in the past—and Flash is one of them. Flash animation was all the rage in the ‘90s and early 2000s. Today, it’s very outdated and disruptive to the user experience. Most browsers even require visitors to enable Flash before they can view the content. Your site should make life easier for your clients…not more difficult. If your site uses Flash, our developers can make your web presence much more user-friendly.

9. You’re not using hashtags correctly.

Solution: Follow best practices and consider professional social media management.
Hashtags play a big part in social media. When posts include relevant hashtags, anyone searching for that particular hashtag can come across your post. But the keyword here is “relevant.” Business profiles that use irrelevant, inappropriate and made-up hashtags miss an opportunity to leverage social media. Even more, hashtags that are controversial and unprofessional scare off customers.

10. You’re ignoring negative company reviews.

Solution: Respond and prove your commitment to customers.
The last thing any business wants is a negative review. But it’s important to address it to show customers you care about their experience with your business. A professional, empathetic response is the best way to connect with the reviewer and, ultimately, reach a positive resolution.

11. You disappear when your marketing experts need you.

Solution: Reappear to see your project through.  
The creative juices are flowing, but you’re nowhere to be found! When we’re well into a project, we want to finish what we started. More importantly, you deserve to reap the benefits of your marketing investment. Don’t let your project lose its momentum and fall between the cracks. Our project managers are here to KickCharge your project into high gear and keep the ball rolling.

12. Your budget is shoved on the backburner.

Solution: Consider your budget beforehand to avoid setbacks.
Clients are sometimes so amped about a project that they don’t consider their budget. Before you begin a project, draw a line in the sand about what you’re willing to spend. You don’t want to have great concepts presented to you, only to learn that they’re out of your price range. Tell us what your budget is from the start so we can give you the best work possible—at a price you’re comfortable with.

13. You don’t have a solid plan in place.

Solution: Partner with project managers who have a gift for planning.    
It’s great to have passion—but you need to have a plan, too. That’s where our project managers come in. They can help you build a long-term marketing plan that caters to your brand, industry, budget, goals and more.

There you have it. Thirteen mistakes that send shivers down our spines—and 13 ways to prevent them.

Want your marketing to stand out in all the right ways? We can help you with that. Give us a ring at 908.835.9000 or request a quote online to KickCharge® your business like never before.

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