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The holidays are fast approaching—and with them, a whole lot of presents! But let’s face it: Presents more or less look the same every year. The gift itself may change, but the festive wrapping paper tends to fit the same bill.

Enough of the typical packages: Wouldn’t it be great to see something else wrapped for a change? Well, rev up the engine and feast your eyes on these award-winning vehicle wraps by HVAC marketing agency Graphic D-Signs!

We Got the Gold!

Graphic D-Signs won first place in the Service Vehicle category for this Winfrey Plumbing vehicle wrap. Featuring a clean, crisp design, the wrap helps this Nebraska-based plumbing company “pipe up” and stand out in a saturated market. The unconventional color scheme and retro typography work hand-in-hand to blow Winfrey’s competition out of the water and turn viewers into paying customers.

But most importantly, this wrap embodies something many designers overlook: the value of simplicity. Rather than cluttering the vehicle with an abundance of information and detailed graphics, the wrap relies on a compelling logo and brand identity to do the talking.

…And the Bronze!Branding and truck wrap design for Goettle Air Conditioning, Phoenix, AZ.

The innocence of youth and a shout-out to the good ol’ days—that’s what this third-place wrap brings to the winner’s circle. Located in Phoenix, AZ, Goettl Air Conditioning has taken its heartwarming message to the streets—and the results have been incredible!

…Not to Mention, an Honorable Mention!

An effective truck wrap for integrating the brand we created for Sunny Plumber.
Last but not least, Signs of the Times wanted to shed some light and give an Honorable Mention to this wrap for The Sunny Plumber, a plumbing company based in Arizona and Las Vegas. With its bright colors and happy-go-lucky mascot, The Sunny Plumber is shining in its market like never before.


Five Fast Reasons to Invest in a Vehicle Wrap:

  1. Reinforce the company’s brand identity and personality.
  2. Take advantage of a canvas of creative space. Think about it: A company will never have this much room on its website or business cards! This medium is simply incomparable.
  3. Present contact information in a big and bold way to generate leads. Don’t believe us? Check out our brochure to see how other companies have gone the distance thanks to their branded fleet.
  4. Make the company stand out—not blend in. Best of all, the competition won’t be able to keep up! Despite everything that a unique vehicle wrap can achieve, most companies settle for standard wraps, or no wrap at all.
  5. Save money with this most cost-effective advertising method in terms of cost per impression. These wraps turn an ordinary company vehicle into a moving billboard, marketing and promoting the company with every turn of the wheel.   

And That’s a Wrap!

A professionally designed vehicle wrap is the gift that keeps on giving. Graphic D-Signs is honored to have participated in the Signs of the Times contest and wants to acknowledge all of the other outstanding wraps that were featured.

Ready to shift gears and kick the business into overdrive with stellar HVAC marketing? We’ve got you covered! Take a look at some design tips and see why Graphic D-Signs is leading the way for eye-catching, head-turning vehicle wraps.

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