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Thank You for Your Partnership

This holiday season, the KickCharge Creative team is counting its blessings in the form of client relationships and creative brand strategies that are bringing success to small businesses across the country. From our vehicle wrap design clients to those relying on the website development services of our NJ agency, we value each opportunity to help companies thrive because it supports their employees’ livelihood.

We don’t take that responsibility lightly, so we have set high expectations for how we treat our clients and how we manage every project. But the most successful client/vendor relationships are mutually beneficial and depend on collaboration. That means our clients have responsibilities, too.

We are grateful for our clients who approach our relationship as teamwork. When they contribute, too, our deliverables excel, and so do their businesses.

KickCharge extends deep gratitude to our partners who uphold the following client expectations.

1. Respect your team.
We’re proud of the staff we’ve built because our team members are not only talented and creative, but they also are trustworthy, honest, committed and accountable. They sincerely care about the quality of the work they produce, so they’re personally invested in your success. Thank you for treating them professionally and kindly—as your equals.

We truly appreciate our clients’ kindness, patience and compliments about the KickCharge team.

2. Trust us.
Our clients hire us because branding and marketing aren’t their strengths—they’re ours. In everything we do, we apply best practices, our honed expertise, decades of experience, proven processes and insights gained from similar projects we’ve completed. Our clients know we want to help them meet their goals, so they trust that we know what’s best for them. Besides, they’ve seen our track record of hitting the mark for hundreds of other businesses over the past couple of decades.

We are flattered by our clients’ trust and confidence. We always welcome feedback and requested revisions are expected and respected. We won’t let you down.

3. Provide timely feedback and approvals.
Speaking of feedback, we love when clients respond to our drafts, comps and questions within a day or two. We value efficiency because it maximizes effectiveness. When projects proceed at a steady pace, our team can stay focused and sharp. On the contrary, stalled projects waste time because we need to switch gears, refresh our memories on the details and regain momentum to resume the work. When you respond promptly and thoroughly to our requests for approvals or information, we thank you for helping us do the job you hired us to do. We would rather spend time producing quality creative than sending follow-up messages to unanswered inquiries.

We understand that some branding and marketing decisions take careful consideration and time. Choosing from among the many awesome HVAC company names we pitched or the logo concepts we presented can be difficult! We appreciate when you check in periodically, keep us in the loop and provide honest feedback about your process and opinions.

4. Communicate.
We know that priorities shift, unexpected issues arise and you have many demands for your attention and funds. When you tell us you must pause the project we’re working on, or you have an urgent need, or deadlines change, we understand. Thank you for communicating what’s going on and explaining how we can support you. We always will do our best to accommodate you based on our workload.

5. Make timely payments.
Just like you, we have bills to pay. We need to pay our team for the brilliant work they produce for you. We also pay our partner digital agency for their extensive work on our clients’ search engine optimization and pay-per-click campaigns. So we are very grateful when clients pay their invoices promptly. Maintaining healthy cash flow will enable our future growth and investment in resources that will benefit you.

Join the KickCharge family.

We are proud to call our clients our partners and appreciate everything they invest in our relationships. If you’re looking for a trusting relationship of mutual respect with your marketing vendor, welcome to the KickCharge family. To talk about how we can work together, give us a call at 908.835.9000 or contact us online.

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