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Successful Strategies to Make a Contracting Business Appear Larger

It’s true what they say: the best things come in small packages. On a daily basis, businesses have the advantage of interacting with customers face-to-face, building both long-term trust and credibility for the business.

That being said, it’s important for a small business to show that it’s in the big leagues. While customers are inclined to call the local electrician or plumber, they are less likely to choose a business that looks like a one-man show.

This does not mean that a contractor needs to increase its manpower or relocate to a larger office. Instead, a contracting business can appear larger simply by enhancing its image and marketing outreach.

It All Begins with the Brand

There’s a lot more to a contracting business than its name. A unique brand builds not only an image, but also an experience.

Contractors that neglect to incorporate a brand fall short with consumer engagement. When a contractor exerts minimal effort to make their business stand out from the rest, this lack of originality  is communicated to potential clients.

If a homeowner is left to choose between a branded company and a generic business that looks like it could be operating out of the owner’s basement, the branded business will always win.


Surprisingly, the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) estimated that as of last year, 50 percent of small businesses still did not have a website. And while having a website is a crucial step, contracting businesses that wish to appear larger must do more than simply own a URL. They need an intuitive website that is visually appealing, reinforces credibility, communicates effectively, and ultimately, converts visitors into customers.

Oftentimes, a website that appears cluttered, outdated or dull can do more damage to a contractor’s image than having no website at all. Its poor portrayal makes the company seem small and irrelevant. Naturally, consumers will correlate a website’s appearance with the company’s credibility. After all, if a company’s website appears unprofessional, what would prevent customers from believing that the service quality will be any different?

Social Media

Now more than ever, contracting businesses can develop personal connections with customers. Social media, specifically, enables brands to strengthen their client relationships, while promoting contests, special offers, collateral and more.

Why wait until potential clients request to see photographs of recent projects? Using platforms like Instagram and Houzz, contractors can share their latest work on a routine basis, immediately building trust and clientele. Even more, rather than taking the time each day to post and update each social media profile, contractors can hire advertising agencies that offer social media promotion and engagement as a service.

Vehicle Wrap

Theodore Roosevelt once said, “Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.” Gone is the notion that contractors cannot command a presence due to a limited budget. With a properly executed vehicle wrap, contracting businesses can appear larger than life.

From equipment purchases to service calls, contractors are always on the road. Turning the company’s vehicles into rolling billboards builds both credibility and recognition. Vehicle wraps validate the theory that when something is eye-catching enough, people will remember it.

Even if the company has one or two vehicles, a custom-designed wrap can make the vehicle look like it is part of an entire fleet. The mark of a truly successful wrap is when the customer tells the contractor that they “see their trucks all over,” when, in reality, they are seeing the same truck repeatedly.

Compelling vehicle wraps fulfill two needs simultaneously: they build recognition for the brand, and they make the company appear larger than it actually is. Best of all, vehicle wraps are extremely cost-effective, providing a high return on investment when executed properly. In order to ensure that the wrap will be visually stunning and properly transferred, hire a professional that specializes in vehicle wrap design.

Minor Points that Matter

When customers search for a contractor, they are looking for a company that is both established and reputable. As they evaluate different businesses, there are certain red flags that will lead them to immediately dismiss the business.

While it’s tempting to believe that any old email address will do, a business’s email plays a pivotal role in shaping its image. Rather than using Gmail, Yahoo or another free webmail address, invest in a paid email address that will make the company look larger.

It also may be time to reconsider the company name. If a business’s name implies that only one or two people are running it, then the company should regroup and consider a rebranding. However, if the business already has a network of loyal customers, then owners should tread lightly and determine if renaming the company is the right solution.

Magnify the Business with a Full-Circle Approach

From the website to the vehicle wrap,and everything in between, a business can substantially grow its presence by touching upon every marketing platform. By planning ahead and staying focused on the end-goal, a business can make itself appear larger—and ultimately, become more profitable.

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