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Our Work Speaks for Itself

Every day, we hear from small businesses that found our work online and fell in love with our truck wrap designs. They say that they quickly see a big difference in how we design vehicle wraps, as compared to what other companies are doing.

With so many options for who to hire for a truck wrap, here are a few reasons why KickCharge is unique, and the best choice when it comes to fleet branding and vehicle wraps.

Our wraps are about the brand.

Our wrap designs work so well because they focus on our clients’ brands. There are no photos or cluttered images, no bulleted lists or hard-to-read lettering. It’s all about the brand. That’s why building the brand is the essential first step that precedes the wrap design. Quite simply, the biggest reason that most wraps are ineffective is because the business has poor branding.

If a business doesn’t have a great brand that we believe will work well for this unique medium, it has two choices: ask us to rebrand the business, which gives us the foundation to build not only an amazing truck wrap, but all future marketing, as well; or go elsewhere, and pay for something that’s bound to fail and deliver a miserable return on investment.

We are not interested in cashing checks for work that we know is a waste of a business owner’s hard-earned money. Call us crazy, but that’s not how we do business. We’re interested in building brands that crush the competition.

Our work is original.

Don’t risk getting in trouble for trademark infringement. Not all designers or agencies operate legitimately; unfortunately, some steal others’ artwork. We have discovered that many our logos, vehicle wraps and websites have been copied (and then, executed poorly). The result for those who have stolen our work isn’t pretty. Painful and expensive litigation, claims for damages, are among some of the outcomes.

It’s crucial to ensure that all branding and vehicle wrap designs are original, in order to protect against a cease and desist order or lawsuit that can cripple a small business. Avoid that expensive and potentially devastating pitfall by hiring a professional agency—one where actual artists create their own original artwork and illustrations from scratch.

We have unmatched credentials and experience.

We’ve certainly had our share of accolades over the years, making KickCharge one of the most recognized experts on truck wraps in the country. Here are just a few highlights among our credentials.

More than 40 awards and honors for truck wrap design, including:

Dan Antonelli wrote the book on building brands with truck wraps.

As the CEO and creative director of KickCharge, Dan Antonelli has helped nearly 1,000 small businesses succeed since founding the company over 20 years ago. Dan and his team at KickCharge have won more than 200 design awards.

In Dan’s early years, he worked as a sign painter and learned how to build effective advertising on this unique medium at a young age. Since then, he’s studied and honed his craft, and written prolifically about branding on vehicles. Dan has authored and published more than 100 articles and has been interviewed or featured in media, such as Fox Business, Entrepreneur and Inc.

He is a frequent guest speaker at workshops and industry trade shows, regularly traveling the country and speaking at the largest industry shows about building effective truck wraps and brands. He is also the author of Building A Big Small Business (2013), Logo Design for Small Business 2 (2004), and Logo Design for Small Business (2000).

Business that hire KickCharge work directly with Dan to build their brand and implement it on their truck wrap.

We stick to what we do best.

Unfortunately, many sign companies are not very good at design and do not understand how branding works on a vehicle. Their strength, though, is printing and installing wraps. What we do is different. We focus on the most important part of the wrap—the design—and leave the installation to the pros. After all, what good is a great installation if the design is poor? We partner with the best wrap installers in the country, or our clients can use their own sign company to install our design.

This way, they get expert designers and expert installers—and a truck wrap that’s certain to turn heads, for all of the right reasons.

Take the Next Step

A vehicle wrap becomes a powerful and effective moving billboard for a small business. Contact us today to get started on fleet branding and mobile advertising.

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