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High-Quality Content Can Boost Your Bottom Line

Imagine if the customer service representatives who answer your phones followed the same script as your competitors’ CSRs. Potential new clients would hear identical messages and have underwhelming expectations of your company. What incentive would they have to choose you?

To stand out as the best choice, you need to tell your audience what makes your business special—not only on the phone or face-to-face, but also online. Your phone conversations shouldn’t be generic. Neither should your website.

Since your target market relies on web searches to find services, your company’s website often is someone’s first interaction with your brand. It’s no place to cut corners with boilerplate material; it’s your time to shine. Let’s explore the many reasons high-quality, professional copywriting is essential on your site.

Speak in Your Brand Voice

A strong brand has a unique voice. Professional copywriters know how to harness brand identity in the tone of their writing, so the content the company uses to communicate doesn’t sound like everyone else. This distinction makes a company memorable.

Skilled writers craft branded content to express your company’s personality and connect with your audience. It’s not generic; it focuses on your strengths, specialties and value proposition. Maybe you have a more reliable process or an extra step you take to ensure quality. The folks in your market might have unique needs or concerns you can address specifically. Website copy is an ideal opportunity to share this customized information.

Connect With Customers

Branded content evokes emotion. When prospective customers move through the buyer’s journey, emotion can help transition them through the stages: awareness of their problem or need, consideration and evaluation of their options and, finally, a decision or purchase. Unique content gives you an opportunity to sound genuine, which eases customers’ anxiety and reduces skepticism. You’ll come across as warm, understanding and trustworthy.

Search Engine Optimization Ensures You’re Seen

Well-written web copy strikes a chord with readers—and also with search engines. It needs to be the appropriate length and contain the optimum balance of targeted keywords and local modifiers to ensure the right web pages appear prominently for relevant searches. These on-page criteria and metadata must be based on research and customized for a company’s goals and its market.

Copywriters with search engine optimization (SEO) expertise follow a strategic formula that helps increase visitors who are most likely to convert into customers. Writing SEO-friendly copy that also is reader-friendly requires training and experience.

Duplicate Content Is Dangerous

Some vendors that build or write websites use identical verbiage on multiple companies’ sites. Beware: Duplicate, generic content is not only a negative in the eyes of discerning customers—search engines don’t like it, either. When web pages have identical or extremely similar content, their search engine ranking suffers. Google filters the results it displays to try not to show multiple versions of the same content. Therefore, web pages containing matching information will have lower visibility in searches.

Google may even penalize a website for using duplicate content. That means a company will be absent from organic search results when people are looking for a product or service. This would sharply reduce the number of new leads you can expect to capture online.

Encourage Customer Conversions

Strategically developed website content is more than flat words. It contains internal links and calls to action that facilitate a seamless user experience for customers. These elements make it easy to learn more about a related topic or take the next step in the buyer’s journey. An informative web page shouldn’t be a dead end; instead, it should be easy to pick up the phone or fill out a form to begin a long, mutually beneficial relationship with the company.

KickCharge® Your Copywriting

KickCharge Creative has a team of copywriters who excel at making a brand come to life with their words. It’s their expertise. Check out a couple of examples:

In conjunction with 1SEO.com Digital Agency, we make sure the colorful web content we create also uses effective SEO tactics to improve our clients’ online visibility.

Don’t skimp on the writing for your website. Your company’s future growth depends on it. Rely on our experts to tell your story, speak to your consumers’ pain points and be favored by search engines. Call KickCharge today at 908.835.9000 or contact us online to chat about how our content team can boost your business.

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