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Learn Why a Brochure Is an Effective Marketing Tool

In this technology-driven world, the benefits of focusing your marketing efforts on digital media are evident. But despite the growing popularity of digital marketing, there’s still a role for print collateral in the advertising realm. Deeply rooted in the success of small businesses stands the brochure—the powerful print marketing tool that helps small businesses stand out.

So whether you’re looking to update your current brochure or create a new one from scratch, Graphic D-Signs has the advice and expertise you need for guaranteed print collateral success. Our web design company in NJ is an expert in user experience, branding expertise and content strategy—not only online, but for sales tools of all types, including brochures.

When in Doubt, Print It Out

A brochure is a smart way to make a big splash in your market and put your company on the community radar. It also validates your company’s industry expertise, instills trust in your services and products, and captures the attention of potential customers. Even more, this tangible keepsake is a visually appealing way for customers to get to know your company on a more personal level, explore important product-specific information and take a piece of your business home with them.

In the advertising realm, printed materials offer a refreshing hint of personal touch that is often lost in the digital world. While printed sales collateral such as stationery establishes business credibility, leveraging a brochure shows dedication to your customers. It proves you are willing to invest in the proper marketing materials to raise your company’s awareness, proactively answer customers’ questions and ensure your clients will receive the best service around—yours. Plus, the tangible reminder helps your brand stay top of mind when a potential customer needs your services and is unsure whom to call.

So, it’s time to take a step back from your digital advertising efforts and explore how print collateral can impact your company’s success.

Personalize Your Brochure to Personalize Your Success

The content and design of your brochure can (and should) be customized to your business. Tailoring this versatile marketing tool to match your business’s personality will increase the overall effectiveness of your brochure.

When it comes to your brochure content, are you looking to describe your services and products, tell the story of your business—or both? The type of information you include will determine the tone and drive the design. Besides highlighting services and products, a brochure is an appropriate place to delve into the more personal details of your small business, including your company’s objectives and goals, how your business was founded and why your company’s services stand out from your competitors’. Adding this personal touch within your brochure humanizes your company and establishes a sense of trust between your business and its target audience.

The format you choose for your brochure has a large impact on its success. To determine which design is right for your business, take a closer look at your brochure’s purpose. Is this a maintenance brochure highlighting your services—or are you trying to educate clients about your service offerings? Now, pick the size and layout that will portray this message best: a trifold often is best to promote service agreements, but an eight-page booklet feels more professional for providing a company overview.

Handpick Your Audience

Brochures are targeted advertising pieces. From reception desks to special events, the key is to know where to distribute your brochure. When placed strategically, a brochure will attract the right audience and turn passers-by into new customers.

Cut Costs Without Increasing Loss

For small businesses on tight budgets, brochures are economical and cost-effective marketing tools. Not only are they easy to distribute, but they’re also pocket-friendly, allowing your business to target a large audience in various locations simultaneously. Even more, buying brochures in bulk decreases the cost of each individual brochure. This means the more brochures you buy, the cheaper they are and the more places you can distribute them. Now that’s a win-win!

Keep Track of Your Success

Effective marketing campaigns are all about customer interactions—and brochures are no different. They are simply another way to interact with customers and generate more business. But to decipher the effectiveness of your print collateral efforts, it’s important to track results. To do this, set up a call-tracking phone number or a vanity website URL you use only in your brochure. This will help you identify how many leads your brochure converted.

If the results are poor, don’t fret. Simply evaluate what’s making your brochure ineffective. Is it the location, its content or something else?

Quality That’s Written Out

To avoid the costly hindrance of a poorly designed brochure that fails to catch your audience’s attention, enlist the help of a dependable marketing company from the start. There’s no company more equipped for the job than Graphic D-Signs. From our team’s captivating design skills to our fresh and innovative content expertise, we are the preferred web design company in NJ, but our services don’t stop in the digital world; you can count on us to create brochures that accelerate our clients’ success.

To take it a step further, see how our company’s HVAC SEO and social media tactics can be incorporated in your marketing plan.

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