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Learn why this old-school strategy pays off for contractors.

Marketing strategies change faster today than ever before. Yet, the evolution of digital marketing does not mean that every old-school strategy has faded. Direct mailers are one of those tactics that’s still relevant today.

Some marketing professionals argue that direct mail no longer resonates with consumers. However, it’s quite possible that skeptics have not adopted today’s best practices for direct mailers. With a smart HVAC marketing strategy, contractors can use direct mail as an extremely effective marketing tool.

Tangible Hasn’t Lost Its Touch

Think for a moment about the Kindle, a product that allows people to read books behind a screen. No matter how brilliantly Amazon markets this product, the company won’t sway the traditionalists who prefer to hold an actual book in their hands. Well, the same goes for direct mailers.

Just as many readers want to hold a book, consumers appreciate the tactile feature of direct mail. Although marketing has become largely digital, studies show that people still value traditional tactics, too.

A Strategy That Pays Back

The HVAC market is flooded with competition. In order for a business to stand out, it must build brand awareness. Launching a direct mail campaign is an effective way to do this without breaking the bank.

This form of marketing makes customers more likely to remember the company when they need HVAC service. It’s also a great way to drive traffic to a business’s website and raise awareness for events such as trade shows, seasonal specials and more.

Direct Mail Is a Team Player

How talented would basketball players be if they only practiced their dribbling, and nothing else? In order to be the best, players need to perfect a number of different skills—from passing and shooting—to jumping and slam dunking.

Likewise, a strong marketing campaign is one that integrates many different methods. Direct mail can either be the bread and butter of a new campaign, or the cherry on top that complements other tactics, such as billboards, social media, web marketing, etc.

Making the Sale (Without the Junk Mail)

It’s understandable why contractors are hesitant to use direct mail. After all, how many direct mailers are all junk and no jewels? That being said, it’s important to remember that direct mail is just like any other form of marketing: it’s not the tactic itself that matters most, but rather, how it is used.

Years ago, companies used direct mailers to promote shallow sales pitches. Customers got the information they needed, and that was that. Today, consumers are much more critical. They have far more choices than they did decades ago, and easy access online to extensive information—which is why their expectations are much higher.

To avoid falling into the junk mail category (and right into the recycling bin), HVAC businesses should follow these guidelines with their direct mail pieces:

Get Mailin’ and Be Remembered

An HVAC business needs to set itself apart from the competition. Using direct mail, a company can connect with customers right at their front door.

Consider partnering with an HVAC marketing agency to crush the competition and reap the rewards of a standout direct mail piece.

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