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Jason Paulus

Account Executive

From a young age, Jason has been enamored with storytelling, whether in artwork, books, movies or music. Wanting to pursue a career in the arts but without any of the unpredictability, he soon settled on the dynamic world of communications—a place where creativity is encouraged yet slightly more structured. After trying a few paths within this diverse discipline, Jason was eventually drawn to KickCharge, which he found was the ideal outlet to combine a love of storytelling with his analytical, verbal and creative talents.

Jason’s background in project management and public relations has helped shape him into a skilled professional in the art of planning and problem solving. His work style places an emphasis on emotional intelligence, as he believes creating a meaningful connection with an audience is truly the best way to better understand each person’s needs, tastes and interests.



Jason graduated magna cum laude from Penn State University, where he earned a Bachelor of Arts in Corporate Communication with a concentration in brand management and marketing.

Greatest Passion

For as long as he can remember, Jason has had a profound love for film. What started as a hobby during the early years of Marvel and Harry Potter adaptations has steadily evolved into an obsession with arthouse and international cinema. He loves attending film festivals and special screenings whenever (and wherever!) possible.

When not at work

After clocking out for the day, Jason splits his time between adventuring with friends, training at the gym and eventually decompressing with the latest mind-numbing reality show. Additionally, he enjoys traveling both stateside and abroad—the further, the better!—especially if there’s an entirely new culture to experience, food to try and language to learn.

Words to Live By

“However vast the darkness, we must supply our own light.” — Stanley Kubrick

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