hall of fame

Jeff Devey

Creative Director

Born To Do This

Jeff knew he was going to be involved in art and visual media pretty much from birth. Training began at an early age, drawing all over his bedroom walls and carpet. As he grew older, his medium of choice moved to sketches in his school notebooks. Eventually, after 15 years of “training,” he landed his first graphics job. As he puts it, “The interview process was intense, but in the end my dad decides to hire me. This is where my professional skills here honed, and where I was given daily training in typography and lettering design. Trips in the car became the forum for constant critiques of poor signage and design.”

Years later, Jeff’s long apprenticeship has paid off many times over. We are lucky to have his keen eye and impeccable design style. So are our clients.


College of Southern Idaho: Art Major



When Not At Work

I can generally be found enjoying time with my wife and two dogs. I also have a ton of hobbies like oil painting, music (I play many instruments), watching movies, reading, and getting absorbed with one of my several Apple devices.

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