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Joshua Watkins

Senior Graphic Designer

Josh discovered his passion in life at a very young age. In fifth grade, he was assigned a rather daunting task: to create the artwork for the class graduation T-shirt. With a mechanical pencil as his weapon and his creative mind as his guide, Josh began to draw. And he hasn’t stopped. He may never know whether it was luck or fate that brought him and art together. But one thing is sure—this assignment sparked his insatiable appetite for all things design.

Seven years later, Josh took the next step and pursued design at the college level. His hard work and dedication led to his acceptance into Kutztown University’s prestigious Communication Design program.

Josh’s passion grew during his studies—and so did his skills. He honed his print design skills and expanded his artistic expertise into interactive design.

After earning his graphic design and interactive design degree, Josh joined KickCharge® Creative’s team. His mission as a junior designer is to continue to grow as a professional until he becomes what he has always dreamt of becoming: an unstoppable artist.


Josh graduated from Kutztown University, where he earned a B.F.A in Communication Design with a dual concentration in Graphic Design and Interactive Design.

When Not Designing

I can typically be found lifting weights. For me, working out is a lifestyle.

When not at work

I have a strange addiction to adrenaline. So, from cliff jumping to shredding the slopes, the outdoors is my second home.

Words to Live By

“The worst thing I can be is the same as everybody else. I hate that.” — Arnold Schwarzenegger

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