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Nick Salerno

Digital Marketing Associate

For as long as Nick can remember he’s been interested in all things marketing. Whether it was the design of a cereal box or the newest McDonald’s commercial. Learning how companies promote themselves and draw attention to their product or service has been one of Nick’s lifelong hobbies. After graduating from Rider University in 2023 with a degree in both marketing and management Nick began his search for a role that he could excel in. After driving by KickCharge one day and immediately noticing their exceptional brand, Nick decided to email his resume in. After an interview and meeting several KickCharge employees Nick landed a job as a Digital Marketing Associate!

Now, Nick uses his skills in media and marketing to help build brands and promote home service companies! He loves KickCharge and the amazing team here and enjoys the frequent conversations and debates (like Taylor Ham vs. Pork Roll) that make this company feel more like a home than an office! It’s Taylor Ham, by the way.


Graduated from Rider University with a B.A. in both Marketing & Management and Leadership.

When Not At Work

Nick spends most of his free time with his amazing girlfriend as well as friends and family. He is also a New York Giants and New York Knicks super-fan! He always enjoys watching their games and rooting for his favorite players. Nick also enjoys golfing with his friends and watching movies! He’s especially a fan of all of Adam Sandler’s movies!

Greatest Passion

Nick’s greatest passion is food! After working in a pizza kitchen for 3 years in high school Nick now spends time perfecting his own pizza dough recipe and loves making pizza for his friends in his personal pizza oven! Don’t ask him for his recipe though because it is TOP SECRET!!!

Words to Live By

“Comparison is the thief of happiness.” – Unknown. Nick actually has this quote tattooed on his forearm!

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