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Patrick Kalange

Brand Designer

Throughout my life, I’ve always gravitated toward music, movies and all things artistic. Started painting at the age of 8 and never looked back. In addition to art, I’ve always loved learning and science, with the original idea of becoming an orthodontist. By the time college came around, I realized I didn’t want to look in people’s mouths my whole life and didn’t really want to stay in college for 12 years. This led me back to the art world.

After the first year of pre-med, I changed my major to Illustration. Graphic Design was an already crowded field, plus choosing Illustration opened every single art class for the taking. I promptly took all of them, too. Bronze casting was especially amazing. I almost switched to sculpture, but I loved the 2D world more.

After taking as many art classes as possible, I began a career as a professional illustrator and chalkboard artist, as well as slinging drinks at a local distillery. For half a decade, I worked as the project director for Letterhead Fonts, where I created and helped create many fonts. Prior to KickCharge, I was doing freelance illustration and bartending at a swanky restaurant, but that’s a young man’s game.


Illustration Major at Boise State University.

Proudest Accomplishment

My kids are my proudest accomplishment and my family brings me the most joy as a result. On that note, having kids who were born with a great sense of humor and loving disposition is another proud moment.

When not at work

Family life takes up most of my time and I’m usually hanging out with my wife, two daughters and toddler son. I love trivia, watching movies, nerding out on YouTube and cooking whenever I get the chance. I still sling drinks occasionally and illustrate a restaurant chalkboard each month. In the spring through the fall, the family and I go camping regularly in the beautiful Idaho mountains.

Words to Live By

“Failure is the best way to learn.” After all, the first step of being good at something is sucking at it. You gotta keep practicing throughout your whole life.

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