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Small businesses that are spending hard-earned cash on advertising want to get the most out of each dollar that’s devoted to marketing. That’s why, for a company with a presence on the road, it makes sense to invest in a well designed vehicle wrap. A business with cars, trucks or vans among its assets already has money tied up in its fleet. So, why not put those vehicles to work by transforming them into moving billboards?

Here are five reasons to step on the gas and get a vehicle wrap:

  1. Wrapping vehicles with an eye-catching graphic is an ideal way to reinforce the company’s brand identity and generate awareness. When it’s done right, the wrap design communicates the brand’s values and personality that speak to the target audience.
  2. This large canvas can really make a splash with the brand colors, as well as its logo or mascot. Make the most of the space; it is typically the biggest surface area that a business ever will cover with its branding. Be creative, and the design will turn heads.
  3. Count on a vehicle wrap to generate leads. It presents an opportunity to communicate the company’s contact information, so ensure that the phone number and website URL are large and easy to read. This is why a short, simple domain name is highly recommended.
  4. An awesome wrap means that a company’s vehicles will stand out on the road, rather than blend in. Notice the number of commercial vehicles that have plain, boring lettering or illegible designs (if you notice them at all, that is). Despite the effectiveness of full wraps, they’re rare on the road compared to the unimpressive approach. See for yourself; these before-and-after photos show the contrast.
  5. Vehicle wraps are the most cost-effective form of advertising in terms of cost per impression. Compare them to a billboard that’s stationary and temporary. A company truck is highly visible, whether it’s in transit, parked at a job site, or in front of the business office. And since it’s always moving, it could appear anywhere throughout the company’s target market.

Powerful wraps start with a strong brand as the foundation. For a fleet worthy of a double-take, follow these design tips:

See our vehicle wrap portfolio for ideas.

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