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CAPABILITIES Building a successful small business is backbreaking work.

Managing your operations and catering to your customers demand your full attention, time and energy. If you want to grow your market share, you also need strategic marketing.

Relax. You don’t need the bandwidth or know-how to do it on your own. That’s where we come in. Marketing for small businesses is our passion, and we relish the opportunity to power up your bottom line. Our NJ advertising agency is a team of creative experts with experience building brands and bringing them to life in amazing vehicle wraps, informative collateral, powerful web design and smart digital marketing campaigns.

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CASE STUDY: RDS Same Day Delivery New Look Stands Out on NYC Streets

Just two weeks after wrapping delivery trucks with a new brand that’s turning heads in bustling NYC, RDS Same Day Delivery earned a $117K business opportunity. The company’s brightly branded uniforms and messenger bags are impossible to miss on the city sidewalks. Phones are ringing off the hook, and the only regret is not rebranding sooner. Read More

CASE STUDY: KAYAL ORTHOPAEDICS Consistent Branding Bolsters Doctor's Reputation

Kayal Orthopaedic Center in NJ credits much of its steady growth to the professional, trustworthy reputation its meticulous, consistent branding conveys. It promises state-of-the-art care, and it’s hard to miss because it’s everywhere—across signage, stationery, print ads, billboards and a patient-friendly custom web design powered by strong SEO and PPC campaigns. Read More

CASE STUDY: TIMO'S AIR CONDITIONING & HEATING Retro Brand Reflects Quality Service, Spurs Growth

Sales tripled within four years when Timo’s Air Conditioning & Heating implemented a unique, nostalgic brand that reflects the California HVAC company’s high-quality service. Proper branding and marketing breathed new life into this 20-year-old family business. Read More

Success Stories
Can't say enough positive about our experience with KickCharge. Wonderful to work with from the get go. One of the things that i appreciated most was that Dan listened carefully to all of our input and used it when appropriate... but he was not afraid to disagree and tell us why his way was better. I respect that. I've worked with too many creatives over my career who were just glorified yes-men. I wholeheartedly recommend KickCharge.
Tom Dearden
Tom Dearden
20:26 15 Feb 19
Dan and his talented team re-branded our business. A new paint division was created and our logos and copy were all revised. I'm so proud of our new look and know that we have grown by at least 30% by creating a new, fresher more on-point message. Great service and creativity that is priceless. Thank you KickCharge!
Raymond Ferraro
Raymond Ferraro
17:11 08 Feb 19
If you're thinking about hiring KickCharge for a truck or van wrap, you're going to get the best design in the world, hands down. There's just no question about that. Nobody else does what these guys do. If you want the best, look no further. Communication could be better. I had a couple questions during the design process that were glossed over, which led to irritations and some wasted time when I went to hire a local installer (I'm in Indiana, KickCharge is in New Jersey). In the end, everything turned out fine and I now have the best looking carpet cleaning van in my state. I'd compare working with KickCharge to dating a super model. She knows she's the best looking, which means she also knows she can get away with some shenanigans, and she knows you'll tolerate it because you both know it's impossible for you to do any better. So yes, there are some issues. But big picture, you're still dating a smoking hot super model. If that makes sense. In reality, this rating should be a 4.5 instead of a 4. I just can't go a full 5 because of the communication issues. Would use again. Would highly recommend. You won't be sorry.
Ross Trittipo
Ross Trittipo
18:33 07 Feb 19
When you want the absolute best, then look no further than KickCharge Creative! We've been working with KickCharge since the mid 90's when Dan Antonelli was running a solo-person firm. We've enthusiastically watched them grow through the years and one thing that has always been evident is the passion and vision that Dan has breathed into his company. Stop in to their office and you'll see an example of a company culture like none other - it's contagious! We've realized tremendous growth because of the web design, branding, and social media management that KickCharge does for us to this day, and we feel they are worth every marketing dollar we give them for the value they add to our organization. Many thanks to Dan Antonelli and his amazing team (too many great people to name individually!) for helping us be a success - Steve Graul, President, Castle Point Landscape Design
Steve Graul
Steve Graul
21:29 29 Jan 19
Dan and his team at Kickcharge are my secret weapon. Since 2005 we’ve been working with them to give our small business a Big Brand. When you work with them you’ll understand the value of an investment. Dan’s unusual level of talent, matched with a like minded team of creative professionals puts him in the top caliber of creative firms. Best thing I’ve ever did for my company.
Umut Bitlisli
Umut Bitlisli
01:51 22 Jan 19
My experience with Kickcharge has been outstanding! This company is passionate about creating an unforgettable brand and delivering results. I own an air conditioning business in a very competitive market in Florida. There are over 500 air conditioning companies inside a 75 mile radius. We had to find a way to have a brand that stood out if wanted to achieve our goals. While I was trying to find the right agency to work with I came across their website and was blown away by the powerful brands they had built. One quote by Dan himself sealed the deal “Success in spite of a poor brand is not a valid reason to perpetuate it.” When I read that statement it was instantaneous and I knew they were the right company for me. I decided to go “all in” and let their creative team take the wheel. Our new brand is going to change the marketplace in the area we compete in. From the truck wraps, to the website and all other social media platforms, we will have the most memorable brand in the land! We look forward to many successful years with KickCharge Creative as our go to Marketing Agency!
Air Source
Air Source
14:44 19 Jan 19
I hired KickCharge Creative for a re-brand & logo design project. As someone who works in a design field, it’s difficult to be able to step back and examine your own brand from a clear perspective. Dan and his entire team of experts were extremely easy to work with and crafted an awesome logo that we’re very proud of. Amazing team all around and looking forward to working with them on future projects. I‘d recommend KickCharge for any business serious about their brand and delivering the right message to the right audience.
Josh Sowell
Josh Sowell
17:03 02 Jan 19
We had Dan and his team create a logo and website for us. Was a great experience and would highly recommend.
Vehicle Wraps
Vehicle Wraps
17:41 08 Nov 18
We were looking to update / rebrand our HVAC company from its original branding from 1991. I’ve seen KickCharge’s work with other companies and they looked like a good fit. The whole process was smooth and extremly organized. Dan and his team communicated clearly the entire time. The concepts they came up with were exactly the direction we wanted to go. They made it difficult to choose, but we extremely happy with the final result. The execution of the project was flawless. I get so many compliments from clients and other businesses on our logo and wrapped trucks. Big thanks to Dan and his team for a huge and positive transformation to our business.
Kevin Breiwick
Kevin Breiwick
03:57 08 Nov 18
Amazing work! Phenomenal customer support, super easy to work with. We worked with dozens of companies over the past 10 years and KickCharge stood out as one of the best we've worked with to date.
Matthew Kinneman
Matthew Kinneman
23:00 22 Oct 18
One of the best, if not the best Service Business Graphic Designers in the world right now. It's also nice to talk and deal with the owner Dan about the design process and any issues that come up. Highly recommend.
Ryan Harris
Ryan Harris
12:51 16 Aug 18
Absolutely Amazing Work, Just launched our 3rd website with this firm. We have been working with them for over 15 years. Dan and his team are no joke and they consistently produce amazing results.
Kurt Bon
Kurt Bon
18:06 07 Aug 18
This firm is AWESOME! Dan and his team exceeded our expectations for our re-branding project. We hired KickCharge after a raving review from our friends at Integra Electric. They created : Name, Logo, Tagline, Stationary and Vehicle wrap design. They had a unique ability to streamline a complex process making it intuitive, interactive and fun. The quality of all the finished products are the best we’ve seen. Thank you Dan, Michelle and Team for what you do.
Audie Herpel
Audie Herpel
18:24 27 Jul 18
As a Graphic Designer and Entrepreneur, I've built a business around logo design, branding and quality products. But, when we decided to re-design our own logo, we hit a wall. We were too close to it and unable to really see it from our client's perspective. Having been a long time fan and follower of KickCharge Creative's work under Dan Antonelli's direction, I reached out to see if they were up for the task. After a creative brief, they went straight to work and it didn't take long for them to show me that they are true professionals and experts in their craft. We didn't end up with just a new logo, but a new image that pushed our business in the direction we wanted to go, and they understood that. Partnering with KickCharge Creative was one of the smartest business decisions I've ever made!
Micah Guynes
Micah Guynes
18:29 26 Jul 18
You know, as a creative, I was sure we would be able to knock our own logo out of the park. But... The more we worked on it the more I became my worst nightmare. I was too picky on everything and I mean everything. Well, It was time to get a trusted opinion from somebody I had studied for years. As you can see, he had something great up his sleeve as always and had something perfect in mind for our company. The first time I saw the logo, it was love at first sight! You cannot find a better company than Kickcharge. Thank you Dan and your faithful team for the perfect logo and for all of your help the past couple of years!
Accel Graphics
Accel Graphics
00:23 03 Feb 18
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Your Marketing Department We’re cool and capable.

Our fearless leader is President and Creative Director Dan Antonelli, who has published three books on small business logo design, including his latest, Building a Big Small Business Brand. The 20 of us are specialists in design, content, programming, strategy and project management. We collaborate as a team and with you to take your business to the next level—and we have fun while doing it. Our digital marketing agency's office is in NJ, but our clients are scattered across the country—and overseas.

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Award-Winning Work That Wows Would you love to see your truck on the cover of an industry magazine?

It’s happened countless times for KickCharge clients: No other agency’s vehicle advertising work has collected more awards or appeared on the cover of SignCraft Magazine more often than ours. But we prefer to celebrate the success our efforts earn for your business.

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Publications & Partnerships Industry publications, news organizations and contractor networks turn to KickCharge Creative all the time for expert advice.

We’re setting the standard. Our online advertising agency in NJ also has strategic partnerships that give our clients access to best practices, educational opportunities and reliable recommendations.

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We’re your brand gladiators. At KickCharge Creative, we are our clients’ advocates. We’ll always have your back.

Like many online advertising agencies, our NJ team offers a complete marketing solution for small businesses in one convenient place—but what makes us different than the rest is our focus on your brand. We create unbeatable company logo designs, and then use them to produce the best web design in NJ, head-turning vehicle advertising and much more. We help you disrupt the marketplace, creating a positive impression that’s memorable. Our portfolio includes small and medium-sized businesses across a variety of industries, but our extensive experience makes us especially qualified as experts in marketing for contractors, with particular focus in HVAC marketing and marketing for plumbers.

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