You would think that nowadays, most business owners understand the importance of search engines and the role that they should play in their marketing strategy. Yet, I frequently hear from potential clients that search engine optimization is not important to them, or their marketing strategy. Some comments I hear is “Oh, we don’t get work that way”, or “We get all our business via word of mouth”.
All of that may be fine, but I must question the wisdom of building a site that ignores the fundamentals of search engine optimization, read more

Recently, a new client of ours asked us to build a new web site and sales brochures for their New Jersey-based service business. We discussed their budget for the project and, as we normally do, inquired about their other supplemental advertising expenditures.
It’s really our job to look at what a client is spending on their advertising, especially as it relates to a percentage of their yearly total revenue. When we analyzed their advertising budget, it was clear that they needed help. read more

What we really enjoy about our job is creating success stories for our clients with our work. Take as an example. Last year, we redesigned their web site and introduced a new brand identity for their online store. The results were astonishing. They went from about 40 order PER YEAR on their old site, to well over 4 THOUSAND orders last year. Even before they were featured on the Food Network – they we’re averaging about 100 or more orders per month. read more