Your logo is going to stick with you for a while. Presumably as long as you’re in business. Assuming you’re as successful as you hope to be – that could last your lifetime. You don’t want a logo that becomes stale. Sometimes taking on trends means a logo that you’ll get sick of quickly. Solution? Use time tested styles that keep giving… and giving. Everyone connects to the homey warmth of the 50’s, the freedoms of the 60’s etc. read more

Those who follow our work know that our sites are just a little more “rich” than the average webpage. We love combining sound, texture and movement to create an “atmosphere”. We understand if we make people fall in love with your presence that they’ll be more drawn to you than the competition and more likely to return. For aspiring designers and clients alike – we can teach you the rules about what is effective when attemping to design an “environment” read more