Are you a small business owner trying to accelerate company growth? If so, here are nine principles you should know about marketing to ensure greater success and drive ROI. Empower yourself with knowledge. While it takes time out of your schedule, it’s important to conduct research on your industry, market, direct competitors and consumers. You read more

Don’t let nostalgia, “nephew art,” and no standards hold your HVAC business back. Having worked with several hundred small businesses on their brand development, I’ve seen my share of branding problems. While we attempt to correct the problems, the challenge with trying to “fix” these brands is that we can’t salvage enough of the current read more

Rethinking the Way You Market Your Business To say that consumer behavior has changed drastically in the last five years would be an understatement. There has been a clear shift in power. It now resides in the consumers’ hands, as opposed to several years ago when companies had that power. Several elements have created this read more

GDS was proud to be one of the top three award winners at the recent 49th annual Art Directors Club of New Jersey (ADCNJ) Awards, where our team took home nine total awards for web, logo and print design. Held at the Birchwood Manor in Whippany, NJ, the ADCNJ Awards recognize industry excellence in New read more

What Makes a Website Successful? In today’s marketplace, it’s not just enough to have a website, small business owners need to have a website that makes a statement. It should be creatively and aesthetically appealing, as well as strategic and functional. Be sure to follow these guidelines when designing and developing your website and it read more

Plan First. React Second. Track Third. More often than not, small business owners take a “more is better” approach to their advertising. The theory? The more money you spend or the bigger the ad, the more return you will see. Unfortunately, this usually doesn’t pan out. In fact, this is a counter-intuitive approach, and a read more

Think First. React Second. Before a small business owner embarks on the development of a company web site, it is crucial for the owner to identify the main web site objective. Are you trying to: Heighten awareness about a new product or service? Generate online leads? Leverage the platform for ecommerce? Create space for existing read more

Not sure what goes into design the best truck wraps? Here’s some tips. If you examined most wraps on the road today, you’d think the concept of designing a simple, easy-to-read message was difficult to understand. It’s really not, once you understand the fundamentals of what it takes to build a good wrap. The characteristics read more

If you are reading this blog, chances are you landed here via Facebook. And if you landed here via Facebook, chances are that you, your business–or both–have a Facebook profile. In case you haven’t noticed, the folks at Facebook like to keep us on our toes with changes to the virtual landscape. The latest and read more

You’re a small business with a limited budget for marketing and advertising, but you need exposure. Large advertising agencies tend to work with big business and Fortune 500 companies, and their fees are often cost-prohibitive. So, how do you navigate the sea of choices when choosing how to spend your precious dollars? The key to read more