It’s mid-December and you’re in a better position than many of your competitors in the HVAC industry. That’s because there’s a pot of leftover money in your marketing budget.
What to do? What to do?
Well, here’s what you shouldn’t do: Hold on to it. While bankrolling extra resources might seem like the fiscally responsible thing to do, it actually could backfire in the long run. When you fail to spend your full HVAC marketing budget in one fiscal year, read more

By now, business owners and managers know they need a website in order to compete for marketshare. However, many heating and air conditioning contractors make the mistake of believing any website will work. So, they hire an agency that promises low prices, knowledge of  the HVAC industry and ongoing search engine optimization (SEO) after the site launches.
The result: a generic website that looks like all of its competitors’ and fails to convert visitors into viable leads. read more

The holidays are fast approaching—and with them, a whole lot of presents! But let’s face it: Presents more or less look the same every year. The gift itself may change, but the festive wrapping paper tends to fit the same bill.
Enough of the typical packages: Wouldn’t it be great to see something else wrapped for a change? Well, rev up the engine and feast your eyes on these award-winning vehicle wraps by HVAC marketing agency Graphic D-Signs! read more

We’re Heading West to Easton, PA!
What better way to network with marketing experts from different fields than by attending a local marketing expo?
Saddle up and head west to Easton, PA, to take part in this exclusive, collaborative marketing event held on Wednesday, Nov. 9 from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the State Theatre Center for the Arts. The crew from Graphic D-Signs will be there—along with our SEO & PPC partner,
In addition to meeting with graphic artists, read more

Learn why vehicle wraps can drive a business forward—literally.

Effective marketing strategies are ubiquitous. That being said, how many strategies are versatile enough to turn consumers’ heads while simultaneously outracing the competition?
For small businesses and large companies alike, a professional and standout vehicle wrap is one of the most powerful and cost-effective advertising methods available. The high visibility and mobility of a fleet allows a company to accelerate its brand awareness, gain a tremendous amount of exposure and conquer the outdoor realm of advertising. read more

Learn why this old-school strategy pays off for contractors.

Marketing strategies change faster today than ever before. Yet, the evolution of digital marketing does not mean that every old-school strategy has faded. Direct mailers are one of those tactics that’s still relevant today.
Some marketing professionals argue that direct mail no longer resonates with consumers. However, it’s quite possible that skeptics have not adopted today’s best practices for direct mailers. With a smart HVAC marketing strategy, read more

How to make the most of a company website and turn visitors into long-term customers

Consumers are more discerning today than ever before. When they turn to the web to research the services and products a company offers, they also want a better understanding of the business’s overall image. The way a company presents itself online often becomes the potential customer’s first impression.
A website visitor often devotes only a few seconds to determining whether the company is worth their time. read more

Win Big For Your Small Business

On Oct. 26 and 27, 2016, the digital marketing experts at Graphic D-Signs will be attending the Service World Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada, at the Tropicana Hotel.
Here, attendees will have the opportunity to network with industry professionals, learn marketing tactics and engage with vendors from around the country. Even more, Dan Antonelli, Graphic D-Signs’ President and Creative Director, will be the featured speaker for the Marketing Lane at 2 p.m. read more

In today’s social media-hungry world, Google+ has become an important network for businesses to leverage. In fact, Google+ is among one of the best platforms that a company can use to attract new customers, remain relevant to its current audience, spread brand awareness and much more. But, when a company first creates a Google+ page, how does it know where to start?
Take a look at these best practices to better understand how a business can benefit by joining the Google+ community. read more

A Contractor’s Delight

Are you ready to meet vendors, take part in hands-on demonstrations and learn more about the newest HVAC industry technologies? On September 21 and 22, 2016, from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m., the digital marketing experts at Graphic D-Signs will be attending the Comfortech Conference & Expo in Philadelphia, PA., at the Pennsylvania Convention Center. With two keynote speakers, six session tracks, and both full- and half-day workshops, attendees will be able to connect with other industry professionals, read more