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KickCharge Core Values What Powers Us!
  • Client Focus

    We’re plugged in. We have our clients’ backs—period. Our team of proud brand gladiators cares about our clients’ successes and feels invested in each business that entrusts us with its branding and marketing. Our goal is to help our employees’ core competencies to shine brightly.

  • Energy

    The KickCharge team gets excited about the opportunity to help a business propel its brand and its business forward. We greet each new challenge with enthusiasm and determination—and it’s infectious. We get our clients jazzed up about the possibilities in their future, once they deploy their new brands or marketing materials. We feel as passionate about our clients’ brands and business successes as they do.

  • Innovation

    Our team and our deliverables are not wallflowers. We don’t blend in. We stand out. We take a creative, shake-things-up approach that garners attention—and generates results. If you want cookie-cutter service, KickCharge is not the partner for you. We are a forward-thinking agency that is constantly evolving and adapting to changing markets, specifications and services.

  • Empowerment

    Our culture generates an environment where every voice is encouraged to pump up the volume, and no one person’s idea is more important than anyone else’s. Our team has the unique skills, experience and expertise to deliver powerful marketing solutions. We only do the things that we do well.

  • Balance

    Our invigorated and loyal employees are our agency’s most valuable assets. Our retention strategy centers on creating an environment that celebrates families, flexibility, fairness, respect and diversity.

  • Teamwork

    We’re all about collaboration. No one person is responsible for our success. We celebrate our achievements in the same way they were made—as a team. We also consider ourselves members of our clients’ teams. We are partners, not vendors.

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