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What comes to mind when you think of Thanksgiving? Is it the food? The family?
Thanksgiving is perhaps the most traditional holiday of the year. Turkeys fly off the shelves, families come together and businesses prepare for Black Friday sales.
No doubt about it, Thanksgiving is stuffed with tradition. So we asked ourselves: What’s it like to celebrate Thanksgiving with a twist? How do people make Thanksgiving less traditional and more original? read more

Marketing Mistakes That Horrify Us

Scary movies give us goose bumps, but marketing mistakes chill us to the bone! Is your business selling itself short with poor marketing tactics? We put our heads together to share what frightens us most—and causes our clients to miss precious business opportunities. We’re creeped out when:
1. Your website is a nightmare on mobile.
Solution: Invest in professional web development to make your site mobile-friendly.
Desktops and laptops have taken a back seat to mobile devices. read more

Not sure what to write about in your newsletter? Consider these proven tactics.

It’s happened again: You’re staring in frustration at the blank page. Only this time, you’re not in school trying to churn out the first sentence for your English paper. Instead, you’re about to draft content for your company newsletter. Only problem is, you don’t know where to begin.
At Graphic D-Signs, we do.
Our award-winning web design company in NJ has helped hundreds of small businesses step up their marketing game with effective email campaigns—and it all starts with compelling content. read more

The holidays are fast approaching—and with them, a whole lot of presents! But let’s face it: Presents more or less look the same every year. The gift itself may change, but the festive wrapping paper tends to fit the same bill.
Enough of the typical packages: Wouldn’t it be great to see something else wrapped for a change? Well, rev up the engine and feast your eyes on these award-winning vehicle wraps by HVAC marketing agency Graphic D-Signs! read more

Learn why this old-school strategy pays off for contractors.

Marketing strategies change faster today than ever before. Yet, the evolution of digital marketing does not mean that every old-school strategy has faded. Direct mailers are one of those tactics that’s still relevant today.
Some marketing professionals argue that direct mail no longer resonates with consumers. However, it’s quite possible that skeptics have not adopted today’s best practices for direct mailers. With a smart HVAC marketing strategy, read more

How to make the most of a company website and turn visitors into long-term customers

Consumers are more discerning today than ever before. When they turn to the web to research the services and products a company offers, they also want a better understanding of the business’s overall image. The way a company presents itself online often becomes the potential customer’s first impression.
A website visitor often devotes only a few seconds to determining whether the company is worth their time. read more

Make the Most of Branding to Discover Newfound Marketing Success

There are two things that can be said about plumbing services: they’re always in demand, and there are plenty of people to do the job.
And so, when a plumbing business is looking to stand out from the crowd, a memorable, compelling brand can work wonders. By applying the brand consistently across a variety of deliverables, it comes to life—and makes a splash in the market. read more

Stuck with a Skeptical Audience? Lower Their Defenses with Marketing Tactics

“Trust takes years to build, seconds to break and forever to repair.” While this phrase typically applies to personal relationships, it can also describe the connection between HVAC contractors and consumers.
Customers are naturally skeptical. After being burned by other service providers one too many times, consumers approach HVAC businesses with a shield of apprehension. In order to convey trust, contractors can leverage their brand, read more

Successful Strategies to Make a Contracting Business Appear Larger

It’s true what they say: the best things come in small packages. On a daily basis, businesses have the advantage of interacting with customers face-to-face, building both long-term trust and credibility for the business.
That being said, it’s important for a small business to show that it’s in the big leagues. While customers are inclined to call the local electrician or plumber, they are less likely to choose a business that looks like a one-man show. read more

Boost Conversion Rates Using Web Form Best Practices

People often fear a first impression because they only have one chance to get it right. However, rather than stressing over in-person meetings, a business’s first impression is often presented through its website.
Web pages facilitate a consumer’s initial perception of the business, often leading to the first interaction through an online form. A beautifully designed website with rich content falls short in its effectiveness without a well-positioned, read more