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Brand For Disruption & Never Look Back

In a competitive market where customers are looking for a reason not to choose you, strong branding is no longer a “plus.” It’s a vital necessity. 

Names & Taglines
The right name opens the door to a brilliant visual. Are your name and tagline adding potential to your brand or holding you back? We name home service companies like nobody’s business (literally).

Logo & Brand Identity
The logo is the center of the “Brand Wheel.” Everything from your brand voice to your design elements depend on the strength and memorability of your logo. There’s no beating around the bush: Our illustrators are the best in the world (trust us, we search the globe).

Print & Collateral
We make brands look like they were designed just for print. Give customers something tangible to remind them not only who you are, but why you’re the one to call in the future.

Digital Marketing
We’re the branding agency that builds brands and then nurtures them through a full suite of digital marketing services. From social media optimization and management to email campaigns, we are your brand ambassadors through and through.

Macawsome vehicle wrap

Building Brands Is Our Passion.
Protecting Them Is Our Promise.

At KickCharge, we like to refer to ourselves as “brand ambassadors.” Having created more than 2,000 home service brands, we know exactly what our clients need and when they need it. Whether we’re writing launch letters to inform existing customers of your rebrand or we’re creating a guidebook to help ensure the proper use of your new logo, there is nothing pertaining to your brand that we overlook or cannot do. We are not a vendor. We’re a long-term partner that is committed to making every brand—and, therefore, every business—the best that it can possibly be.

Fusing Strategy With Creativity

The Value of KickCharged Branding

What can I expect from my investment?
  • Unparalleled experience: Our small business branding expertise is unrivaled. It’s unlikely you’ll find a team better qualified to build your brand and craft your story.
  • Industry-leading expertise: We’ve written the book(s) on branding. For over 25 years, we have honed our craft and earned our right to be regarded as the experts of home serving branding. It’s what we love, and it’s what we do best.
  • Sound strategy: Yes, your new brand will look pretty. But more importantly, it will work. We build customized branding strategies focused on helping your company grow and prosper. Before we start sketching designs or brainstorming names, we strategize by conducting research to identify optimal solutions. There’s a reason for everything we do or suggest, which we’re always happy to explain in detail.
  • 100% original work: We pride ourselves on crafting original ideas that push the envelope and challenge the status quo. This is an important distinction from logos that use clip art or AI-derived ideas. These are replications that cannot be trademarked and, therefore, are not ownable. In contrast, our logos and ideas are unique. We even use custom-built fonts, and much of the lettering is drawn from scratch.
  • An invested ally: Most of our clients aren’t interested in a one-time design; they want a strategic partner to guide them as they grow their business. That’s what we want, too. You won’t find another agency that cares more about its clients’ success. We’ve got your back, for the long haul.
What does the brand development process look like?


We begin every branding process with a creative brief—a document that you complete to give us an in-depth review of your brand goals, your competition and your clients’ preferences and much more. It serves as the foundation for our kickoff call, when we discuss the details of your brief to ensure alignment on objectives, audiences and the look/feel of your new brand.


Next comes the fun part: researching and conceptualizing the name or logo and obsessing over its implementation. This involves a ton of thought, collaboration and creative spark. Your business becomes the center of our universe while we think through the logistics and forecast the brand across every medium including your vehicles, stationery, website, brochure, uniforms, etc.


At this stage, we’re ready and excited to share our concepts with you. Thanks to our collective experience with developing names and logos, we’re usually right on the money after the first round (or pretty darn close). But if we’re not, we’re happy to make changes within the budgeted project time. If we’re even remotely close to going over your budgeted hours, you’ll know well in advance so there are no surprises.


The last stage is tying up those loose ends and getting everything right where you want it. If we’re working on your name, you’ll be ready to advance to the logo stage. And if we’re working on your logo, we’ll prepare your artwork files in various file formats, as well as provide the logo guidebook for your new brand.

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