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Mascot Logo Design

Custom Character-Based Branding Stands Out

Homeowners want to hire a home service provider who is friendly, approachable and reliable. One way for HVAC marketing and marketing for plumbers or other contractors to evoke these feelings is to base their brand on a thoughtfully designed mascot.

Successful mascot designs seem to say, “at your service.” A mascot is an eye-catching, memorable image that colorfully personifies a company and conveys its brand promise. It’s a sure-fire way to stand out among competitors and help homeowners feel comfortable welcoming a service contractor into their homes for the first time.

A mascot isn’t the right fit for every company. And if it’s poorly executed, character branding will fall short for any business. But when done well, a mascot has so many strengths.

Establish Trust to Break Down Barriers

Because mascot branding is an uncommon approach to small business marketing, it packs a powerful punch when competing against larger companies with bigger budgets that plaster their brand across the market. This branding style portrays longevity, even for a company in its infancy.

Mascots’ personalities are infectious, and their wholesome charisma oozes trust, so mascots make consumers feel comfortable with a company they’ve never dealt with before. Add retro styling, and the logo will evoke a sense of nostalgia, further enhancing the perception of trustworthiness. A company with a carefully crafted mascot does not appear cold, corporate or slick.

But be wary of adopting a poorly designed mascot. If it’s too cheesy or amateurish, instead of enhancing a company’s professional perception, a mascot can have the opposite effect. Additionally, if the mascot is going to be used for your vehicle advertising, there are very specific characteristics that the mascot must adopt in order to work for a canvas as large as a truck wrap.

Enlist a Leader in Company Mascot Design

KickCharge® Creative has a track record of creating stunning, character-styled logo designs. Each of our mascots can trace its roots to a conversation with our client, which is followed by research about the core market. Then, we craft several hand-rendered logo concepts to present, review and revise to find the perfect fit. We never use clip art, and our founder—President and Creative Director Dan Antonelli—personally oversees the character logo design process with illustrator Jeff Devey.

Once you’ve adopted your mascot logo, you can feel confident that our crew can integrate the character and its unique personality into all of your other marketing collateral, such as brochures, stationery and web design.

To discuss whether a mascot-based brand is right for your small business, contact KickCharge Creative today online or call us at 908.835.9000.

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