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Web Design for Small Businesses

Brand, User Experience Drive Conversions

A company’s website is its front door in the digital marketplace. That’s why it’s crucial to make a strong first impression with a uniquely designed, easy-to-use, informative website that answers consumers’ questions and portrays a professional, trustworthy image.

A website that isn’t generating new business isn’t doing its job. An effective online presence communicates the brand promise and engages and converts customers, forging the beginning of a long relationship. It tells your leads what it’s like to do business with you and makes it easy to start a conversation.

Smart Sites Stand Out

Don’t believe that any website will do, or your company will lose online market share to competitors who invest in a strategic presence. Website visitors take only a few seconds to determine whether a business is worth their time—so rely on a web design expert that will showcase your brand with a strong image that converts those leads into paying customers.

KickCharge® Creative is a New Jersey web design company that designs, writes and builds websites to distinguish small businesses from their competition and spark sales. Every company is unique, so there’s no excuse for cookie-cutter services. We tackle every website as a unique service, not a commodity.

We believe a branded website that tells a company’s story through a distinct voice and consistent, professionally interwoven graphics is a powerful tool for grabbing visitors’ attention, guiding them through the sales funnel and making an emotional connection. That’s why the company logo design becomes the foundation of our website strategy—to reinforce your brand identity and value proposition, just like in vehicle advertising.

The KickCharge Website Process

We start each website project with one of two options: a fully customized site or a streamlined approach to which we apply branding and tweak to meet the company’s specific needs. No matter which option you choose or what industry is your realm, we approach your website’s site map, look and feel, functionality and content with a fresh strategy to address your customers’ pain points and ensure a positive user experience. Beyond their vibrant, branded designs, KickCharge Creative websites are easy to navigate on any device or screen size with clear calls to action that encourage visitors to contact you.

With our New Jersey web design company, the process of building a website begins with your answers in a creative brief, followed by our research. We use this information to develop a site map that determines the pages on the website and how they’ll be organized. Then we focus on what the home page will showcase.

While our expert writers are busy composing search engine-optimized (SEO) content that walks the reader through the buyer’s journey, the design team crafts a beautiful home page, followed by thoughtfully designed inner templates—all with well-integrated branding. Throughout this process, best practices for user experience are at the forefront, with your feedback and input requested and carefully applied. We have an arsenal of stock photography that we leverage for inspiration when designing your website. If you have your own images available, we’re happy to implement them. Custom photography lends a personal touch to your small business website.

The pieces come to life during the development phase, when the most up-to-date applications, tools and techniques are applied for the best website performance. We are mindful of all factors influencing speed, mobile-friendliness, search engine optimization and traffic data collection.

All KickCharge Creative websites are built with responsive design, catering to the ever-growing audience of visitors using mobile devices or tablets rather than desktop computers with larger screens. We also design, develop and integrate e-commerce capabilities, customer portals and customized interactive features that make it easy for our clients to do business.

Upon completion of your site, you will own all rights to the website assets we’ve created and will have complete access to your content management system, hosting account and Google Analytics dashboards. We even train you on how to manage your website. Not all web design companies extend these same courtesies, so beware.

Power It With WordPress

Our experienced development team uses a content management system (CMS) called WordPress to provide our clients with greater value and functionality. This robust CMS is intuitive and expandable, making it a great choice for powering small business websites. The clean, user-friendly administration panel and a simple rich-text editor allow you to make changes and add to your site without needing to understand coding like HTML, CSS, PHP and JavaScript. If you’re familiar with Microsoft Word, you already know how to edit the content on your website.

The ease of publishing and updating information helps you improve your search engine rankings, since search engines give priority to websites with fresh, unique and dynamic content. Whenever you need to refresh your pages, newsletters, service descriptions or photos, you don’t want your CMS to be a blocker. WordPress also has standard plugins for managing SEO components such as metadata.

WordPress makes it easy to expand your website’s capabilities with features such as polls, customized contact forms, ratings, social media integration, commenting platforms and more. Hundreds of plugins are available so you don’t need to hire a web developer to build these tools from scratch.

Grow Your Online Business

A branded, SEO-friendly website is an essential tool in the marketing toolbox for contractors, just like vehicle advertising is an obvious necessity in HVAC marketing strategy. Our web design company in New Jersey offers a full complement of services to drive traffic to your new site, including content marketing and blogging, search engine marketing, email marketing and social media management.

To learn more about our website projects or how we handle marketing for plumbers, logistics companies, medical and health professionals and other small businesses, contact us online today or call 908.835.9000.

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