“When I built my new office a few years ago, my team created a certain look and feel for the physical space. We chose a modern, minimalistic design that lends a feeling of tranquility and serenity. My logo and branding had not been well-thought-out in the past, so I decided to revamp my business identity. My partnership with a creative marketing team yielded a modern logo and design for my brand: one that fits in very well with the look of my office. read more

“We made the choice to grow our business, and we needed a unique brand to help us get there. The results are fresh, professional, and nothing like we have seen in our industry. It has been an amazing journey. We get comments all the time on our little mascot, since it is an approach that doesn’t conform to the market. Instead of the lightning bolts used by every electrician, we created something that stands out, instead.” read more