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The ‘Cornerstone’ of a KickCharged Marketing Boost

Cornerstone Pros looks a lot different now than when Dana Spears took on full ownership of the Tampa Bay, FL, contractor in 2009. The big changes were sparked after she started working with KickCharge Creative in 2013. During the six years since the partnership began, with a new brand integrated in all of its marketing, Cornerstone added two service lines and revenue has grown more than 130 percent.

The company started as Cornerstone Air, offering only air conditioning and heating services. In 2014, its KickCharged mascot-based brand launched and plumbing services were introduced. Later that year, Cornerstone added electrical services. Before the rebrand, Spears said, annual revenue was $3 million. It quickly grew to $5 million within the first year after introducing the brand and new services.

130% Growth In Annual Revenue Since Rebrand
From 5 to 56 Trucks
65% Decrease In PPC Cost/Conversion

Growing Into Its New Image

With the new brand as the foundation, KickCharge created Cornerstone Pros’ vehicle wrap, stationery, initial brand announcement, trifold brochure, print ads, billboards and a custom-designed website. Since that time, KickCharge has launched a refreshed custom-designed website for Cornerstone and has been managing successful digital marketing campaigns since August 2016: search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising and email marketing.

“I had a hard time turning this over to an agency, but now I’m very confident,” Spears said.

When the fleet branding first rolled out, there were five trucks doubling as rolling billboards throughout the Tampa area. Spears started hearing “I see your trucks everywhere” because they stand out on the streets and the brand is memorable. Seven years later, with a fleet that’s about 56 strong, she still hears that, and it makes her proud.

The improved image and visibility have helped recruitment efforts, too, Spears said. They make Cornerstone look like a larger company.

Slow-based growth is her goal. As of 2019, Spears reports more than $7 million in annual revenue with about 60 employees who work to maintain the company’s stellar reputation. On Google alone, Cornerstone has more than 1,000 reviews with a 4.7/5 average rating. Cornerstone’s closing ratio is 87 percent even when the team is too busy to book same-day appointments.

Digital Optimization Drives Leads

In the early years, Spears relied heavily on print, billboard and home-based advertising, as well as some radio advertising. Newspaper ads once were a primary driver of leads. Now, digital marketing is the dominant force. Google is the leading source of call volume (80 percent of leads), followed by repeat and referral customers. This has allowed her to cut her print marketing budget by 3 percent in 2019.

“I’m dominating online so I’m not needing to spend as much in other avenues,” Spears said.

She likes that digital marketing campaigns give her more control over her lead volume because they can be targeted specifically and adjusted instantly based on demand and seasonality. It’s also easier to track them and to measure results.

The campaigns, managed by KickCharge Creative in partnership with IT Support & Digital Marketing, are optimized to perform efficiently. In August 2019, the cost per conversion was 65 percent less than it had been the year before, with a 130 percent increase in total conversions year-over-year.

“I had a hard time turning this over to an agency, but now I’m very confident,” Spears said.

Hear Dana Spears describe her rebranding journey and the company’s evolution in her own words in this August 2019 KickCharge U webinar.

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